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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

For some of the species of animals I have or had information on, You will find their photo gallery.


WELCOME  TO  Sybil's  Den  Home Page
The information within this web site is only  based on my experience with
raising black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, llamas, farm animals and domestic animals.



Black Bears are definitely NOT for everyone. Prior to even thinking of buying a black bear, it is very important one should understand a bears behavior and proper needs. It is also  extremely important to do very extensive research on bears.   It also helps to speak with other black bear owners. Visit them at zoos.
Black Bears are expensive to keep, mostly due to the pen, feed, activity and housing.  They require water flow. Putting a bear in a small cage is cruel and will only encourage bad behavior.

Please keep in mind, that owning a black bear will change your life style.  This means no more vacations, less time for other activities. Also, please keep in mind, that they are very strong animals as they grow.  This is going to require a very sturdy enclosure and den for them.

Keep in mind, black bears still have wild instincts.  Sometimes their moods can change in a split second. Some are better than others.

The most important thing to think about first, is to see if black bears are legal in your state and county/township. 
Many states are now banning large animals. It is important to check with your state for their requirements.  Ever since the Zanesville Ohio tragedy many states are are now banning large exotic animals.

If you are considering a bear or any exotic without a permit (if required) most likely the animal will be taken and killed and the owner will be fined. You will need a vet, so if you have an illegal exotic, no vet will treat exotic animals.

If you have a bear and decide to release it to the wild. Chances are slim the bear will  survive. So give this a lot of thought, research prior to getting one.

There is much more to be said about raising black bears, as is, other exotic animals. Please see Black Bear Care sheets for more information.
Please keep in mind, exotic animals CANNOT be raised like dogs or cats.  They all require special care, understanding and special diets.

(please read further down for a few of the exotic animals and pets I own or have owned.)

A few words from  Sybil Lynn 

My name is  Sybil Lynn  I am a  black bear that was  born in captivity.sybil the black bear

My Mom and Dad adopted me  April 27, 2001 at the age of 3 months.   Mom and Dad  had to   bottle feed me when I was a bear cub..  I was a bit cranky then.  Being a real bear, I did not understand their type of love. I now understand them more and love them.           
Being raised in captivity is great.  Unlike most other bears, we are  fed good food whenever we want. 

I  have a  black bear to play with, his name is Benny. We are two very happy black bears.  Benny and I get along great.  We play all day and I now have someone to sleep with at night.. We both are very happy together.

Benny and I never have to  worry about being shot by a bear hunter or being caught in a bear trap  or hunting for food like the other black bears in the wild.

Benny and I have our  very own house with a loft and steps going to our den. Of course a big yard to play in. We sure have a lot of fun together.

However, we are not easy to raise, and use to get in a lot of trouble when we were young.  Mommy and Daddy
does everything they can to take the proper care needed.  I know it was not easy for them. We do need a lot of special care and a lot of understanding.
Please check out my care sheet. It will give you a little bit of an idea on what it is like raising black bears. Don't forget to look at Benny and my information page and photo gallery.


What are cows really like when they have the opportunity to be with people and other animals? steer and black bear

This is Oscar, he is a steer.  I bought him when he was only a few weeks old. bottle fed him.  I recommend having the horns removed (only when they are young calves) Unfortunately  when I had Oscar's horn removed, one grew back.   NEVER, have this procedure done in hot weather.

Oscar is a great guy.  He loves attention and gets along with all the other animals.
Oscar is one of kind, he is obsessed with fires. Anytime we have a fire going, he is there.

Oscar is also a very sentimental steer.  Anytime we lose an animal from illness or old age, Oscar is always there. He will stand where the animal is being burying and remain there for awhile even after the animals burial is completed.

Oscar and Sybil still remain friends.  Many times, Oscar will lay next to sybil's enclosure for hours (next to Sybil).

There is more to be said about Oscar. So check out his page for more information and pictures of Oscar.
raccoon and dog

Do raccoons make good pets?  Yes, assuming the owner understands their behavior, care and proper needs.

As with all animals, I highly recommend doing a lot of research prior to owning a raccoon and checking with your state and county/township/city to find out the legality of owning a raccoon.

If they are not raised properly, you will have a mean raccoon. It is  a MUST they get fixed, and you will need to find a good vet that will treat them.

Raccoons can bite very hard, sometimes to the point where it would require hospital treatment.  This don't happen often, but, usually if it does, it is usually due to the fact,
the owner lacks the proper understanding of handling and/or raising raccoons.racoon

Mine have never bit me, and never showed aggression. My raccoons have a lot of activity and are never bored .(which is important and helpful)

Keeping a raccoon in a small cage is asking for trouble. It is best to have an outdoor enclosure for a raccoon. They don't have to stay there 24/7. but, since raccoons love water, it is best  to have somewhere for a raccoon to go where there is a water source.  Also, having a secure enclosure, the raccoon can be safe without worry of
any destruction done to your house.

When raccoons are raised properly, they are full of personality and will love their owners attention. (personally, I find raccoons much more personable than foxes.

Again, a bored animal is a bad animal. So raccoons also need lots of activity.  Mine play with the dogs and foxes.

I currently have 3 raccoons.  Check out their information and photo gallery and care sheet.


marble fox and raccoon

Have you ever thought of raising a fox? or do you already have one. Foxes are very intelligent and yes, SLY animals.

I highly recommend doing research prior to owning a fox.
Foxes are NOT like dogs or cats, therefore, they need to raised different than dogs and cats.  Foxes need special care as with most other exotic animals.

Did you know that foxes will mark?  Their urine smells almost like a skunk.

Please do extensive research prior to buying any type of fox.
Please check out a care sheet for information on raising foxes.
Have questions, see my Q&A PAGE.

The most important fact is to check with your stateSILVER FOX and county/twp/city to make
sure they are legal.

I currently have 3 foxes.  (silver fox, marble fox and glazier fox)

All three are in the red fox family.  I have raised foxes for over 10 years
To see my foxes, CLICK HERE.

There is a lot of good information on my message board, along with many
experienced fox owners. Feel Free to join Sybil's Message Board


Emu's are in the ratite family and stand about 5ft tall (including their head)

Do Emu's make good pets?  You bet they do.
Emu's are very gentle birds, assuming the owner understands the proper care an emu

CLICK HERE for more Emu Pictures and information  and the care sheets for Emu's.



Mini Donkeys generally make nice pets.  They are usually naturally friendly and can get along great with other animals.  Mini Donkeys love attention and like to be petted. 

Mini Donkeys will help trim your grass as they graze.  In the winter, they will require hay.  Overall, Mini Donkeys are fairly low-maintenance. They generally need wormed and hoofs trimmed.  (there are farriers that will trim them for a fairly low cost)
However, it can be done by the owner, assuming they know how to. it

Their gestation time is usually 11-12 months and will generally have a baby once a year (assuming the female is with an intact male)


What are  coonhounds like?  Do they make good pets? coonhound dog, fox and raccoon

Coonhounds are not strictly working dogs.
If raised properly, coonhounds can co-exist with  other species of animals. (foxes, raccoons, bears, mini donkeys, cats.)

Keep in mind, just like all dogs, they need understanding, attention and exercise.

It is sad that there is so many unwanted dogs and cats. Many are given up
because the owner can't control them or get bored with them.  When you bring a dog home, be sure to understand his/her needs. You give them love, and you will have more love returned. All dogs need their owners attention and proper care.   

Take a look at my care sheet for dogs. (this would pertain to any dog, not just coonhounds)
I have raised coonhounds for many years, along with other types of dogs. 
CLICK HERE to view the dogs I have and had.
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