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This is Sybil sitting at the table outside. She got a little spoiled, and seems to think she should sit at a table and
eat her food..  Black bears do not generally eat meat.
She loves fruit, nuts, chocolates, dog food. Marshmallows and of course honey and syrup. We try not to give her too much junk food.  This picture was taken Summer 2001
This is Sybil sitting at the table. waiting for her dinner.  She gets on the chair at her own free will. She eats fruit, vegetables, dog food,
nuts, pies, chocolates. NO MEAT She might look like she is being an angel, But there are times when she will get into everything.. sometimes she will knock things off the counter playfully.. She can make a mess at times.
This picture was taken about fall 2001.
sybil the black bear Sybil the black bear at kitchen table

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