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Sybil getting her ice cubes. She loves ice cubes.. she eats them as they come out.
I never trained her to do this.. She saw me one time getting ice.. and that is all it took..
Another thing she is able to do is open doors. She will actually turn the door knob on doors.
Black bears are very intelligent exotic animals.  More so than a lot of people give them credit for.
This is Sybil with her Santa Clause hat on.
of course eating too.

The  easier  way to  get her hat on, is if she had food in front of her.

This picture was taken December2001
This is Sybil getting ready to take a nap. When she is tired, she will go to her favorite rocking chair, grab a blanket, then  pull the blanket to cover herself up.

When I would see her doing this, then I know she is ready to take a nap.This picture was taken winter of 2001
sybil getting ice sybil the black bear wearing a santa hat sybil the black bear getting ready for a nap

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