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This is Sybil  when she was only a few months old.  I would take her to work with me, so I could bottle feed her as needed.  she slept a lot then, but, when she wasn't sleeping , she was a very curious bear cub.
This picture shows her in a garbage can, which she climbed into herself.
sybil the bear cub in a garbage can
This is Sybil when she was only a few months old.She was quite content sleeping with JJ our walker coonhound.
Fortunately, J.J and the other dogs were very good with Sybil.
They never harmed Sybil or tried  to hurt her..
bear cub and walker coonhound bear cub and walker coonhound
This is Sybil shortly after we adopted her.
She is playing with Opie, our blue tic coonhound..
Opie was very gentle with her..  Actually, these type of dogs are raised for hunting coon and bear. but not in Sybil's den they aren't..
They are all friends.
This is Sybil at a very young age. Picture taken around April or May 2001.
She loves to climb. At this age, we were learning the best way to handle her. .. She did bite a lot then.  Guess we just had to learn to understand each other.. But, I think when she did bite, it was like a puppy would bite playing. except, she was a bit more rougher than a puppy would be.
Sybil the black bear and Opie  the Blue tick coonhound Sybil the black bear cub


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