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This is Benny getting ready to take a dip in the pond with J.J the coonhound.This picture was taken March 2003 shortly after hibernation. This is Benny taking a walk around the pond.
Jed (yellow lab is in the pond)
benny the domestic black bear with J.J the walker coonhound benny the black bear with Jed the yellow lab
This is Benny watching Opie (blue tick and Jed (yellow lab) in the pond)  In the back ground is Sybil. This is Benny standing up in the water. Opie and Fannie May are trying to figure out how he does this. Benny is a very easy going black bear. We never had any problems with him.
He was never aggressive. I believe this has a lot to do with the way bear black bear cubs are pulled from their mother.
benny the domestic black bear benny the domestic black bear standing in water benny the domestic black bear swimming
This is Benny Swimming.
He don't swim as much as Sybil.
But, he does enjoy the water.
Sometimes him and Sybil will play in the water.

He is funny to watch swim, because he paddles is feet real fast and splashes a lot of water.