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Welcome to  Sybil's Den

Come in and meet Sybil the Domestic black bear.
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A whole new way of living for Black Bears
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Sybils  and Benny together
Sybil & Benny in hibernation Sybil's Baby Pictures
sybil the domestic black bear
About Sybil the Domestic Black Bear
Sybil is a Domestic black bear that that was born in captivity January 15, 2001.sybil the domestic black bear
We legally adopted  Sybil April 27, 2001.  At that time, she  weighed about  10 pounds
. Sybil is the first black  bear we ever had, so, at that time,  we were not sure on how to care for her.  Having experience with many other different species of animals helped.. Sybil had to be bottle  fed.  We went to the local feed store and bought powder milk for her. we had to make sure there was enough  fat content in it.. Bears require a bit  more fat content (at least  25% fat) than most other animals..

We did as much research  as we could find on  raising black bears.. but all we could find is raising black bears to be released in the wild..  of course this was a bit helpful on feeding her.
But when a bear is being raised to be released in the wild, there is not to be any human contact with these bears...  Only because they will become dependent  on people.

Our thoughts at that time, was to try and raise Sybil to be as domestic as possible. I must admit, in the beginning, I almost felt that was not possible. But the more time we spent with Sybil, and the older she got, the better she got.

We  never realized how intelligent a black bear can be.. She understands words. She learns very quickly, actually, quicker than dogs can learn.

We have  raised many other type of animals,  but I must say, this was quite a new experience for us..    Black bears are very intelligent and interesting animals..

We currently have  a variety of other animals, Sybil got along great with all the other animals.  She played with all the dogs. She was very gentle with the dogs and they are gentle with her.. No harm  ever came to any of our animals... When Sybil  reached three  years old, I no longer let the dogs play with her. I know Sybil would not intentionally hurt the dogs, but, because of her strength, I would rather be safe than sorry..
We have one cow left, his name is
Oscar.  Sybil and Oscar are really great friends. they play together. Yes, a cow and a bear.. You will see them in some of the pictures. We also have six Llama's. She gets along great with them also. I still let Sybil and Oscar play together .
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