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Come in and meet Benny  the Domestic black bear.
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Sybils  and Benny together
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About Benny the Domestic Black Bear
Benny is a black bear that was born in captivity in January 2002. Benny weighedbenny the black bear cub about 10 pounds when we bought him.. He was very calm and easy to care for compared to Sybil.. Benny came from excellent breeders in Ohio. When Benny was pulled from his mother the breeders bottle fed and handled him three weeks prior to the auction. Sybil came from a breeder where the breeder pulled the cubs the same day or day before the auction.. This makes a world of difference in bottle feeding them as a young cub.
When we got Benny, he had a lot of light brown to blonde fur. As he got older, he begin to turn all black.

Male black bears are generally bigger than the female bears.  as of 2005, I would benny the domestic black bearguess Benny weighs over 400 pounds..  Overall, Benny is a friendly black bear. He loves attention and loves to eat. Even though Sybil and Benny are  friendly, they still have wild animal instincts.  It is best to be very cautious when in the pen with them.. Black bears are very strong animals and can unintentionally  hurt us. This is another reason why it is not recommended to rough house with bear cubs. Some people will do this and not realize that that when the cub grow up, they expect this.  benny and sybil the domestic black bears

Benny and Sybil are very bonded. They sleep together, play together and are very happy black bears. They never have to worry about food and safety. I honestly believe they both are very happy.

For more information about black bears read the care sheet
Join Sybil and Benny's message board. you will meet a lot of nice people there and learn more about different animals.

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