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Pictures & Information  of Sybil and Benny in Hibernation
What do domestic Black bears do in Hibernation?      
Some people think when a black bear hibernates, they sleep for months.. But, they really don't sleep all the time.. At least Sybil and  Benny don't.  However, they will sleep a lot more in the cold months than in the warmer months.

 Sybil and Benny will get up and play awhile. but, they don't seem to want to go outside.  However, Sybil prefers staying in her den more than Benny does. I think this has something to do with their age. Sybil is one year older than Benny is...

When Sybil was a year old, she was not interested in hibernating much.... I think part of the reason was due to the milder winter months and she was alone. Now that she has Benny, she seems much happier and content..

My thoughts on  a Bear's Natural Den and Natural environment
In the wild, a bear or any other animal, will make the best of what they can..
I believe if most black bears had a choice, they would prefer being somewhere high up..
Sybil and Benny have that choice.. They could have made their nest below their loft, but, they preferred the loft.. (which is high up)
Obviously, in the wild there is no choice. Where can a black bear in the wild  go up high and make a den?

Some  people believe that when a black bear or any other type of animal is being raised in captivity, that this is cruel to the animal.. And, that they belong in their natural habitat...I believe, this natural habitat is considered NATURAL, only because, these animals have no choice
They do the best they can for what they have....

If a person was living in the wild, what would they do?
They would most likely, hunt food, try and find somewhere warm and keep  moving to find more food and to avoid predators. I think this is why Black bears and other wild animals keep moving to different areas or as I have heard, "black bears will roam anywhere from 1 mile to 100 mile  radious"
This sounds like they are looking for food and escaping predators..

I also  hear people say, "Black Bears should not be confined to one area" but, in the wild, they have to keep moving to find food and to escape predators..

I am not saying I am right nor am I saying I am wrong..
This is only my opinion based on Sybil and Benny's actions.