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This is a picture of Sybil and her puppy.
The puppies  name is Fannie May. She is a blue tick coonhound.. These type of dogs are normally raised to hunt coon and bear.. but I think what a lot of hunters don't know, is these type of dogs make excellent pets..

I felt bad for Sybil because the other dogs would not play with her all the time.. So I thought if I got Sybil a puppy, she would have a play mate..

So, my plan worked.. they get along very good. In fact, Sybil is bigger than Fanny May, but Sybil seemed to have known to be gentle with  Fannie May.    No one gets hurt.. Even though Sybil has Benny now, Both Bears will still  play with Fannie May and the other dogs.
All animals are well supervised, to ensure no one gets too rough...

Sybil the domestic black bear with Fannie the blue tic
This picture was taken Early
Summer of 2001

This picture is of Sybil, Jed (yellow lab) and Fannie May (blue tick). The three of them were playing..

Although, the picture could look like the dogs were hurting Sybil, but believe me, Sybil was having a good time and no one got hurt. The dogs were very gentle with her..

sybil the bear cub with, jed, fannie may