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Sybil in the pond..  She really loves swimming.She will play with balls that I throw in for her. A real funny thing one time is the very first time she went into the pond, Opie (my male blue tick) pulled her out.. Guess he thought he was protecting her..
However, by nature, black bears can swim.,
 Guess Opie didn't know that.This picture was taken early summer 2001
Sybil learned how to use the Yuppie Puppy machine.. We showed her one time and she seemed to understand to push the lever and treats will come out.. She will eat dog biscuits.
But peanuts fit in there pretty nice, and she really loves peanuts.Opie (blue tic) and Ellie May (basset hound) know how to use the yuppie puppie machine.. 
This picture was taken around late summer 2001
sybil the black bear swimming sybil the bear using yuppy puppy machine
Sybil relaxing.  She will sit still for a while. There are times, when she can entertain herself.
 She has many toys to play with, but, she will get bored easily with the same toy.She sat in this pose on her own. I did not train her or make or sit in the chair.. This picture was taken Fall 2001.
Sybil napping with Jed (yellow lab)
She gets along great with all the dogs.. She might even think she is a dog.. or a person.
A real strange thing is Jed seems to really like to lick her feet. That I have not figured out why.. But Sybil don't mind. She usually lays there while Jed licks her feet.. Jed is the only dog that does this..
This picture was taken winter 2001
sybil the bear in her easy chair sybil the black bear and jed the yellow lab