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Notice how Sybils fur is wet, but, in just a few minutes, her fur will be completely dry. Unlike a dog's fur, where dogs will stay wet for a while.  Also, notice the brown in her.. I have read that black bears colors will change with the season.   I believe it has something to do with bears in the wild, where their colors will change to better camouflage themselves. sybil the black bear in pond after hibernation sybil the domestic black bear
This is Sybil and Benny playing
together.  They get along very good.

Bears in the wild are generally solitary animals.
but, apparently, in captivity, this is different. 
My belief would be food source for wild bears is the reason the are solitary animals.

Benny and Sybil don't want to separate..
sybil and benny playing

These pictures were taken March 2003

sybil and benny the domestic black bears playing
Sybil on the left