Benny coming down the steps to his lower den.
This is Benny coming down his steps from his nest (loft)

He came  out of his loft more than Sybil did..
Picture taken Feb 2003
This is a partial picture of Sybil and Benny's living quarters.. The steps lead up to their loft, which is loaded with straw.  The bottom is just another room where sometimes they will both come down and play. But there is till access for them, if they wanted to go outside..
benny the black bear Bear Den
This picture is taken from their loft, looking down, they can come down the steps to another room or through the hole at the bottom of the steps, where they are fed.. They always have the option of going outside if they want to..
I give them empty boxes, cardboard, toys to play with.. They really love the empty boxes
Bear den