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sybil the black bear eating This is Sybil sitting at the table eating licorice.

Guess you might say, she was quite spoiled,

 she use to eat her dinner
 at the table.

Now what black bear in
the wild gets  this type of luxury!!! Now that she is full grown, I don't think she will fit  in the chair

This picture was taken  summer of 2001


sybil the black bear eating at the table
Sybil Lynn taking a nap with two of her friends.
The coonhound to the left is Fannie May, she is a blue tic..
The other one is J.J, he is a treeing walker coonhound.
 She does not like to be by herself.   
She is very happy being with the dogs or people.

 They all get along very well..

This pictures was taken 2001
sybil the black bear taking a nap with her coonhound