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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

For some of the species of animals I have or had information on, You will find their photo gallery.
These  ducks like to roost up high. Where as most other ducks, prefer staying on the ground.
Some ducks can't really fly.  
 The only ones I know that will fly is the Muscovy and Mallard Duck

Mallard mix duck.  The mother was a Muscovy and the father was a Mallard duck. The mother hatched about 12 ducklings. All  the ducklings were very beautiful and unique.


This duck is the brother of the duck to the left.
They were hatched at the same time.
He is in the water cleaning himself. They will splash in the water, and clean up their feathers.
mallard  muscovy mix duck
Female mix muscovy and Mallard

mallard mix duck
Male mix muscovy and Mallard
This is a close up of the same duck at the top right pictures.  He is cleaning himself.

He really has some nice colors in his feathers.

The Muscovy duck that hatched him, only hatched one litter of these unique ducks.

I am sad to report that the mother of these ducks has crossed the rainbow bridge. as did all the others, except for the one pictures to the right.

I only have one duck left from that
litter. He is best of friends with my one male goose. They are always together.

moscovy mallard  duck