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Oscar  the  Pet Steer
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We got  Oscar at an animal auction in April 2000.

we got him and two other cows. They are actually dairy cows.  
The price was right. $5.00-$15.00 per calf.  Most  Dairy farmers don't want the bull calves and will generally.  They will  generally bring bull calves to an auction.  Sadly,  some dairy farmers will kill the bull calves.

Originally our intention for these cows was to have them butchered.  It turned out, the day the guy came to pick
up the cows for butchering, Oscar seemed to have disappeared.  but, shortly after the butcher left, Oscar seemed  to have appeared again.   I have no idea where he was hiding, but  turned out, he ended up being a pet steer.

 Oscar loves Sybil.  They use to play well together.   For a steer,  Oscar has quite a personality.  Oscar loves to be brushed.  He loves attention. He loves the dogs.  Sometimes he will run with them and even hunt with them. 

 Oscar  loves bread.  If he sees me with bread in my hand, he will come running to me.

If the weather is bad, or if it rains, Oscar  will generally stay in his house. Oscar seems very content. He don't seem to mind he is the only steer.   However, he has donkeys, llama, dogs as friends.

I have had several different cows in the past, but, never one that had the personality as Oscar.
Whoever said cows/steers are stupid?   I don't think they are.  In fact, Oscar knows his name, he comes when you call him.  Oscar seems very attentive and watches everything that goes on around him. 

if he goes into the garage and I tell him "no" he will listen. If anyone is thinking of getting a cow/steer as a pet, I recommend a banded male and dehorned. Banding bulls MUST  be  banded and dehorned at a very young age.
also, when having both procedures done, It would NEVER be done in hot weather. 

If you leave a bull intact,  you could have an aggressive bull at maturity.   The reason why I don't suggest females, is when they go into heat, you stand a better chance of them trying to get out of the fence. especially if there are bulls near by.  But, that is only my experience with females.

HERE IS A STRANGE STORY                                       

March 2004, I had a baby llama die. My husband took the dead baby out of the pen and laid her in the driveway until he got the gate on his truck open. For some reason, Oscar come running over when he seen the baby. He stood over that baby very gentle.. He would not let any of the dogs near her. It is though he was protecting her. We left him Oscar go for awhile just to see what he wanted to do with this baby llama. He just kept putting his down to her.. Then when my husband put the baby llama in the back of his truck, Oscar stood there with his head in the back of the truck. When my husband pulled away in his truck, Oscar followed him and mooed at him.. To this day, I never did figure out why he did this.

Oscar seems to have an attachment to the llamas. The first baby  Becky (my female llama)  had was out of her pen,  Oscar stood by her the whole time. When the baby was born, Oscar protected the baby. We  picked the baby up to bring her into the pen, so she would be warm in their house, and Oscar followed us to the llama pen, I guess to make sure the baby was protected.   Oscar did this with all the baby llamas that were born here.

 Definitions of proper names for cattle:
Cattle is actually considered a "Bovine Animal"
BULL: Male Bovine (in tact)
Bulling: A cow in heat or estrous is sometimes said to be "bulling"
Calf: A young cow or bull.  generally under the age of about 10 months.
COW: Any Female bovine
Dam: A female parent
Dry Cow: Any female cow that is not giving milk.
Heifer: A young female beef or dairy cow. Usually one that has not had a calf
Steer: A bull castrated while still a calf.







Any Female bovine Dam: A female parent Dry Cow: Any female cow that is not giving milk. Heifer: A young female beef or dairy cow. Usually one that has not had a calf Steer: A bull castrated while still a calf.







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