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Born 03/18/2008
Anna is a blue tick coonhound. She is a light colored coonhound.
I bought Anna May 2008. 

When coonhounds are young, they are generally lighter, and less "ticking".  As time goes on, these type of  dogs will develop more ticking. Usually by the time they are close to 6 month to adult,
they will have their final color.  Notice the difference from her puppy pictures to her adult stage.

Anna adjusted very will with the other dogs. Anna and Brandy bonded closely. They play well together and are always together. They will even sleep together, sometimes using each other for a pillow.

When Anna was about 6 months or so, she use to pick up a few kittens I had by the scruff of the neck and carry them around. 
I yelled at Anna for doing this, for fear she would hurt the kittens.
When Anna would release the kitten, it would come back to Anna.  Now, that the kittens are now adult cats, they still like Anna and insist on napping with her and Brandy.   All the cats I have really love Anna.  They even don't mind being used as a pillow for Anna and Brandy.   When Anna is outside, the cats will sometimes follow her around.

Anna took to Larry (my raccoon) immediately. Anna played with Larry all the time. Even though she is now an adult dog, she still plays with Larry.  Larry seems to really enjoy playing with Anna. Sometimes Larry will nap with Anna and/or Brandy.