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 Annie Marie
(June 30, 1991-September 25, 2000)
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Annie Marie was a Treeing Walker coonhound. She died September 25, 2000 of cancer at the age of 9.  She never really got into hunting. but she was such a well behaved dog.   I never trained her much. She would stay by my side. She would come when she was called. I could take her anywhere with me, (friends/relatives houses, flea markets and she would never leave my side)  I personally think coonhounds make excellent pets. They are very intelligent animals.

I also think if you show your animals love they will return the love.   Annie never had the pleasure of meeting Sybil and Benny, she died before we adopted Sybil, but, I am sure Annie would have loved  Sybil and Benny.
treeing walker puppy

This is a picture of Annie when she was a puppy. She was about 4 months old... Her coloring and features sure changes as she got older.

treeing walker coonhound
treeing walker coonhound

This is Annie under her blanket. She loved pulling blankets over her head, or she would crawl under them.

treeing walker coonhound

This is Annie Marie laying on a very small dog bed. Apparently the bed was way to small.

annie marie treeing walker coonhound
treeing walker coonhound with cat
Annie Marie playing with a cat.