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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

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Born 07/28/2007
Brandy is a blue tick coonhound. She is a much darker color than Anna is.
Notice the picture to the right when she was a puppy.  She is lighter in color than she is now. 

Brandy really developed a very close bond with Anna. They are usually always together.  They will play for hours, then take a nap together.

When I mentioned about how sometimes coonhounds can be a little more hard headed than others. This applies to Brandy.  It took a little longer to train her to listen to me.  But, I have had dogs in the past that were much worse. 

Through my experience, seems the male coonhounds are a little more dominant  over the other dogs.  Basically, they just want to be "top dog".

Overall, Brandy is very good dog now.  She loves attention and enjoys the attention.

When training any dog, especially if they have free run of the property, it is good to have
the dog check in with it's owner often.  When I dog does, it is a very good sign of a good dog.
but, with some dogs, I had to work with them a little to do this. I always feel better knowing where my dogs are and what they are doing.  Not that they are getting in trouble, but, for my peace of mind, I just want to know.    With some of my dogs, I would give them about an hour or less to start.  call them, once they responded, they would get rewarded with a small treat.
They love "chicken Jerky".  Once they figured out they get a treat when they come to me,
they eventually come a lot quicker to me and would begin to come to me on their own.

One thing I would like to mention concerning a dog that runs away from their owner. I have seen people hit their dog once they get their dog back after they run away, or get out of their yard. Then the owner can't understand why the dog won't listen to them later.
The dog will associate coming to the owner and getting hit.  This is only common sense.

Dogs do not think like people or children.  The key is for the dog to associate in responding to owner and feeling secure with their owner.   But, if a dog is kept on a chain all the time, with no freedom or exercise.  Training is very difficult for a young dog.  Of course there are other breeds of dogs,  mostly smaller ones, that don't have as much stored energy as the bigger dogs.

One last note, PLEASE never leave your dog in a car on a hot day with the windows cracked.
This is asking for a death sentence.  If it is a hot day, leave your dog at home.
I have seen the outcome of what happens to a dog left in a hot car by other owners.
It is not a pretty site.  This is a slow and unpleasant death for a dog.
Even if you have air conditioner, and think it is OK to leave the dog in the car because the air was on, or left on.  This is still dangerous, because, I have heard of the air conditioning failing while the dog was in the car.  Once the car is shut off, the air is too.  I have seen people that thought if they had the air conditioner on, the car remains cool for awhile.  This is not true.
Remember, a dog sweats differently than people do.  A dog will get over heated more quickly than a person would.