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Elly May 
(April 13, 1993-August 04, 2008)

Elly May was a Basset Hound mix. I am not sure what was mixed with. I am guessing a black and tan coonhound.

 She was a very well behaved girl. She use to pretty much goes with the flow.
As you can see in the pictures.  Elly May  was never been tied up on a chain. she had free run of  8 acres.
She got along well with Sybil and all the other animals.

 I firmly believe that when a dog is tied up, this makes them much harder to h
andle and much more hyper.

August 4, 2008 was a very sad day for me.  I had to have her put down due to a heart problem and she lost control of
 her hind legs.   What was really  strange was when one of my cats laid next to Elly May a week  prior to that fatal day.
This cat would never leave her side.  He stayed with her until the end.
elly may basset hound with cat elly may basset hound with xmas hat

Short legs and long back in basset hounds can cause back problem.. It is important for bassets to have enough exercise and good diet.. Basset hounds should not be over weight. Unfortunately, Elly May is a bit overweight, but, she does get enough exercise.. she does have back problems once in a while. I give her rimadayl, this seems to help for the pain and inflammation.
ellie may basset hound elllymay basset hound


The picture on the left is Elly May when she was a few months old. As you can compare with the
 picture on the right, the difference in her coat color.

 The picture on the right is Elly May checking out Sybil Lynn when she was a very young bear cub.
basset hound with treeing walker hound basset hound with bear cub