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(April 21, 2001 - February 22, 2007 )

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Fannie May was a Blue tick coonhound. Fannie May and Sybil use to play very nice together.  What really made their friendship  funny is these type of dogs are generally raised for  hunting raccoon, fox and bear.

Fannie May loved the outdoors.  she use to play and runs all day. Then by 8:00 -10:pm  she  would come in the house for the night. 

February 22,2007 was a very sad day for me. Two days prior to that, she hemorrhaged really bad. there was blood all over the living room floor. I immediately  to her to the vetinairian. The vetinairian ran tests, did X-Rays and still did not know what was wrong with her.
They kept her overnight, and was gave her intravenous. Unfortunately  , she kept getting worse.  She was getting very weak.
The second night, the vet told me there was nothing else they can do, except put her down, but, they asked me if I wanted to take her to a   24-hours vet clinic.  I was very desperate to save her.   In my journey to the 24-hour vet clinic, she had was on a blood transfusion.

Sadly, the Emergency clinic did not know what was wrong with her, only that she was getting worse. They suggested putting her down.
It was such a hard decision, but, I knew  she was not getting better. 

I loved that dog so much. I was so bonded with her. I was able to communicate with her. Many times, I knew what she was thinking,and I believe she knew what I was thinking.  I miss her so very much.  I cried over her loss ever since. She was a very special dog.

The sad part is, I never found what caused her hemorrhage. I asked the vet and he said he didn't know. He can only guess, that she had an "auto immune disease"

About six months  prior to her death, she starting having problems urinating. sometimes she would whine a little when she urinated.
I had her at the vets many times for this problem.  They blamed it on crystals. So in December they suggested their "Science Diet" dry and can food.  She was fed this until January.  Now this was the time when there was all the dog food recalls.

When I asked the vet, if it could have been the "Science Diet" They claimed NO.  Supposedly, this brand of dog food was not on recall.
Just some of the "Science Diet"  To this day, I cringe every time I see "Science Diet Dog Food" at the vets.

So, I will never know what really killed her. I just wish they would have checked a little more in depth when she was having urine problems.

I am just so sad and upset over this.

blue tick pup

fannie may blue tick coonhound
Fannie May when she was a puppy.
Generally, blue ticks will darken as they get older.
They get more blue ticking in them..

Fannie May was pretty easy going and got along great with all the other pets.

 Fannie May (left) Playing with Opie (Right)

blue tick coonhounds


This picture is Fannie May and Benny. Benny loved sleeping with the dogs when he was young. 

blue tick coonhound with bear cub