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Feb 28, 1997 - March 20, 2009

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Jed was a Yellow Lab. He was a stray dog that wondering in April 1998. At that time he was very skinny and had sores on him. Someone must have dropped him off or my guess was that he broke his chain from the previous owner. At that time, I tried to find his owner, but no one claimed him. I also called the humane society, in case some one reported a lost dog.  I could not believe that the previous owner did not want or love him.  Jed was a wonderful dog.

I let him roam our fenced in property with my other dogs. But, Jed always was trying to find escape routes, which he did.  Jed  was a little hyper, always wanting to run away, digging under the fence. He would be gone for hours, but he would return.   Then, one day, he got out and never returned. I thought, he must of found his way back home. One week later, I stopped up the humane society to their new location. 

As I was looking at the dogs, there was Jed, he went nuts when he seen me. so, I legally adopted him, got him neutered (which helped). He made a wonderful pet. After that, he never left the property. Jed was a very well behaved dog, and was so very gentle and patient with all my other animals.

Jed was a very dedicated dog. He was very content just to be near me. I can see now why labs are sometimes used for guide dogs.

Jed loved swimming, as most labs do.  He would swim for hours. Jed loved to fetch. but, his one strange habit was chewing on rocks. I never figured out why he liked rocks. but, I would throw a rock, and he would fetch it.

I guess, it was meant for Jed to live with us.  He had a very good life.

Jed loved sybil and  use to plays with Sybil. For some reason he loved licking her feet. This we haven't figured out why.  He is the only dog that licked Sybil's feet.

jed the yellow lab with bear cub jed the yellow lab
These pictures are of Jed the yellow Lab playing with Daryl Dee (marble fox) Jed is very easy going. He does seem to take a lot of rough housing from Daryl.  He does seem to enjoy playing with Daryl.
These pictures are of Jed the yellow Lab playing with Daryl Dee (marble fox)  and Larry Lee (raccoon) The picture on the right is when Larry actually stuck his head in Jed's mouth.. Of course Jed did not hurt Larry Lee. All three seem to have had fun playing.
yellow lab with raccoon and fox yellow lab with raccoon and fox
Jed died of heart failure. I did everything I could to keep him comfortable. About  a year before he crossed the "Rainbow Bridge", he started having problems breathing. I knew when it was time for him to cross over.  On March 29, 2009, I took Jed to the vets and had him put down. It was  very hard, but, in my heart, I know I made the right decision.

Jed will never be forgotten and always loved.  He was a very good and dedicated dog.