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jj, treeing walker coonhound JJ is a Treeing walker coonhound.
He was born February 1998.
He loves hunting. but he goes on his own with the other hounds.

He goes to work with me everyday.
He loves to ride. He is quite the angel at work. he will just lay on his doggie bed most of the day until I am ready to leave.

There are days when he would rather sit in truck. he will stay for hours. but of course  I MAKE SURE  all the windows are down. but if it is on a day that is above 85 degree, I will not let him sit in the truck.
I do not believe in letting animals stay in a vehicle on hot days.
I get so irritated when I see people taking their pets to the store and leaving them in the car with the window cracked. Definitely not safe for  animals or people..
Next time I see this happening, I will get the plate number and turn them in.

JJ  gets along great with Sybil. Guess all the dogs do.

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