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 February 28, 1998 - November 12, 2009

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J.J  was a very lovable and easy going dog. He was very bonded to me and insisted being with me.

The Cat with him in the picture to the left is Trixie (deceased). Trixie really like J.J and Fannie May. This cat use to sleep on top of  J.J. she really liked J.J and Fannie May.

The picture on the left is J.J wearing his sweater.  He seemed to get cold in the winter months. J.J welcomed a sweater this time of year..
j.j the treeing walker fishing
j.j  treeing walker coonhound in water
This was J.J doing what he loved best and that is fishing.

J.J would stay in the pond for hours waiting for fish. When I throw bread in for the fish, he will just stare at the bread waiting for the fish.   J.J went as far as moving the bread toward him when the bread would start floating away.   J.J was a smart dog.