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 February 28, 1998 - November 12, 2009

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The picture on the left is J.J hunting. The picture on the right is J.J with Benny when he was young.
I am not sure what J.J died from. I believe it could have been cancer.

Through out his years, he always had problems with allergies.
Then as he got older, he would get bald spots in his fur.
I had him to the vet, and they speculated, it could have been from allergies.

On his blood work within the last few years of his life, his liver
count was not normal.  Unfortunately the vet really did not know

However, he did have a thyroid problem.  He was on medication for that.

What I found strange, is that out of the five dogs I had, three of them that  had a thyroid problem.  I blame it on the dog food.

Ever since my female dog, Fanny May died of unknown causes,
I believe it was the dog food. I now make them home cooked food. 
I really don't think it cost much more than dog food. I look at it this way, it saves me a lot of money for vet visits and prescriptions.

J.J was very bonded with Fannie May. They were always together.  Poor J.J was devastated when Fannie May died.

It is so very heart breaking to see a dog mourn for his/her buddy.

J.J died  peacefully at home in his sleep. I kind of knew it was his time to cross the rainbow bridge that night.
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