sybils den

(September 30 1995 - May 2, 1998)
Junior was a blue tick/treeing walker mix coonhound. He was one of a kind.
He died May 2, 1998 of heart failure. Junior was a very entertaining dog. He was always doing something that would make us laugh.

When we first got him, we used to keep him tied up. I had a very hard time getting him to listen to me at that time,  he would break his chain often. 

When he was about 3 years old, we moved  to a place that had more property.
when we first let him loose, he would just run and run. (but actually not out of the yard)  after about a week of him running loose, he actually settled down a lot. He would listen to me, come when I called him. Guess what I am trying to point out is, the difference between a dog being tied and a dog that has exercise. It is not expensive or hard to put cattle fence up or even a strand of electric of fence.  Before we put our fence up all we had was electric fence. Junior respected that. He did not go beyond the electric fence. I would rather see a dog get zapped once or twice than see a dog get hit by a car.
junior the blue tick hound junior the blue tick

Junior relaxing outside.
junior the blue tick coonhound
cat sleeping on top of Junior

junior the blue tick coonhound


This is Junior sleeping. I would put old sleeping bags on the floor and the dogs seem to like them, guess because it was padded and comfortable for them.

Junior was the boss over all the other dogs.  If one of the dogs was laying on the couch, and Junior decided he wanted that spot, he would bark  or grow at them.
It got to the point, all Junior had to do, was walk over to the spot on the couch, then look at the dog on the couch, and the dog would get off the couch so Junior could lay down.

Junior loved swimming in the pond.
If anything falls into the water, he would pull it out.  One time a 2x4 fell into the water, and Junior went in and pulled it out.  He struggled, but, he did manage to get it out.
That was HIS pond.

I really miss him, I had a very special bond  with him.
junior the blue tick coonhound