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Lucy  Lou  (Lemon-colored Beagle)

Lucy is a Lemon-Color Beagle.  She was born January 14, 2012.  I bought her at Mt Hope lucy the lemon color beagleswap meet in May of 2012.  I bought her from an Amish boy at the swap meet. He really was not selling her, but, I asked if he had any other puppies. When he told me no, I asked if he would sell me his puppy.  I was so happy when he said he would.  I was surprised to see how well behaved she was, especially for a beagle.  Some beagles can be pretty hyper.  she was so calm and pretty obedient.

I have been wanting a lemon beagle for a year.  Lucy was certainly worth the wait. I actually had a name picked out for a year.  I named her after Lucille Ball, who I have always admired and found her to be such a great actress.
I watched all her re-runs of "I Love Lucy".

Back to my Lucy, The introductory with my other two dogs was very easy.  lucy with coonhound and cat
My coonhounds took to her pretty quick. Lucy adjusted well to my foxes and
raccoons. she also became very good friends with my youngest raccoon.  They play for hours together. 

What really surprised me was Darla (my female fox). when she first met Lucy, Darla repeatedly brought Lucy some of her food, which was chicken gizzards. Darla would go to her food dish, and pick a piece of food for Lucy and bring it to her. Lucy didn't take it right away, Darla was very insistent that Lucy take it.  Once Lucy ate it, Darla went and got more for her, Darla dropped the food in front of Lucy and waited until Lucy would eat it.  She did this for about 4 times a day for a couple weeks.  I found it to be a little strange, because,
usually foxes that are "helper foxes" for another young fox will bring a young fox
food and toys.  I never seen a fox do this for a dog.
lucy with george the raccoon
The only  problem I had with Lucy is when she would chase the chickens,
ducks and geese.   It didn't take too long for Lucy to understand that is not allowed. 

As for her barking, she is pretty quiet for a beagle.  The only time she barks a lot is when she sees me coming home.  She gets so excited to see me.  lucy with darla the fox
Lucy is a very affectionate dog and  loves attention (as most dogs do). 
Lucy pretty much goes with the flow.  When I am working on the computer,
she will lay on a dog bed next to me

Lucy also plays with my other two coonhounds. which is good, because
my coonhounds were starting to get lazy before I got Lucy.

When Lucy was younger, she had a black nose, as time went on her nose turned pink. You can see the change from the first and second picture to the right, her nose was black.

Don't forget to check out her photo gallery. You will see many pictures of
Lucy and George playing.  Keep in mind, neither one has ever hurt each other.

In the 4th picture, Darla is bringing Lucy some of her food. Darla kept this up until her chicken was gone.

Don't forget to check out Lucy's photos