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Opie Joe
(August 2, 1998 - April 18, 2011
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Opie was a Blue tick/walker mix coonhound. He was born August 2, 1998. When Junior died I missed him so much, (still do) that I wanted another dog like Junior. It took us five months to find another one.. That is when we got Opie.. Opie is exactly  like Junior was, same personality rudeness and comical . He does everything Junior did. It is like Junior never left. In fact sometimes I call him Junior without thinking. 
blue tick puppy
Opie when he was a pup (above) opie sleeping
blue tick/treeing walker coonhound
Opie standing on a picnic table
blue tick/treeing walker coonhound
Opie sitting on a kitchen chair.
opie at christmas
Opie Opening his Xmas present
Opie was a very intelligent dog.  Even though he was grumpy at times, he was also passionate.

A very memorable incident was the one time, I was standing on a picnic table fixing a tent above it.
I fell off the table. Opie come running to see if I was alright.  I felt really bad, because he then jumped on the picnic table, then he fell off. no one was hurt.

Opie loved sitting on a kitchen chair.  another funny moment was when I would have family over for dinner, Opie had to sit at the table.  What was comical, is he would sit there really well behaved, and every time someone would talk, he looked at that person, as though, he was trying or did understand what they were saying.

Opie also liked opening Christmas presents. He was like a little kid at Christmas. He got so excited with all his presents.