sybils den

(Born 1982, Died May 1995)
Ralph was a Keeshond mix. He died May 1995 of cancer. He was a smart dog. but he did like to roam a lot. 

He used to play with one of my ducks. The duck loved him.  He would gently take the duck and roll him around on the ground, the duck would get up and fly to chase Ralph, then land on his back and just sit there.  It was really funny to watch this.  It was truly amazing to see a duck fly with a dog.

Then when one of our pigs were having babies, Ralph would clean them up as they came out, he would then protect them. After they were all born, he stayed there with them the rest of the day to watch them..

Then one time I had a duck sitting on a nest, the duck got up to go for a swim and Ralph went over on the nest and sat on the nest until the duck got back.

Ralph was a very intelligent dog.

Notice his ears, his left ear flopped down, where is other ear was straight up.  He was born like this. 
ralph, a keeshound mix
Ralph at Christmas
ralph, the keeshound mix ralph the keeshound mix with leather hat
Ralph with Leather motorcycle hat.
ralph the keeshound with party hat