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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

For some of the species of animals I have or had information on, You will find their photo gallery.

Information and Pictures of Emus
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This is a close up of Rocky..  pictures was taken 10/11/03
rocky the emu rocky the emu
This is Rocky. He is a very friendly emu.

He got along great with the Llamas and all the other animals.  However, Rocky seemed to prefer  being around people rather than around another emu.

Sadly, Rocky crossed the rainbow bridge in 2006. He always seemed healthy.
But, found him dead one day. I was devastated when I found him.
To this day, I never found out the cause of death.

It was a very sad day to lose Rocky.  He was such a friendly emu and he got along with all the other animals I have. 

Rocky had a good life here, and I know he was happy. I can even see him smile.

Rocky is missed and will never be forgotten.



rocky the emu

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