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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

For some of the species of animals I have or had information on, You will find their photo gallery.


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Grey Rheas are basically the same as white rheas, except for the color.

They are beautiful birds, but, the males are also aggressive as is the white rheas.
These brown rheas are sometimes farmed as is the white rheas. The whole bird is usable.

I do not recommend them as pets.
I raised them in a play pen till they were about 3 months old.
Then I put them in a house outside until they were big enough
 to get along with the adult rheas.

These baby rheas are very fragile. A bit difficult to raise within their three month age.

If you are thinking of getting a bird in the ratite family, I would suggest the Emus. but get them at least 3 months old.

baby rhea
This is a baby rhea of about a month old.
This one is the grey species of the rheas.

Gray Rheas  have hazel eyes, where the white rhea's have blue eyes.  When the male fluff's his feathers out, they are  very beautiful.

The grey male rheas don't seem to be as aggressive  as the white rheas, but they are still mean birds.. Generally after they mature, males of both type of rheas are aggressive and WILL bite.
The females are not aggressive, but, are curious birds. The females will peck your hand harder than an emu would.

Male or female don't seem to have much of a personality. 

 I do not recommend  these type of birds, unless you plan on using them for butchering.

Their feathers, meat and oil's are usable.


grey rhea
   This picture is of a grey Rhea.