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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

For some of the species of animals I have or had information on, You will find their photo gallery.


(Silver Fox)

Darla is a Silver/cinnamon fox.  She was born April 2006.  When she was a kit, she looked like a kitten, as do most baby foxes.   As a kit, the cinnamon color was very prominent in her. As she
got older, the cinnamon color disappeared, and now she looks like a silver fox.  However, once in a while, mostly during shedding season, she will have some cinnamon color to her. 

darla the silver foxDARLA'S  INTRODUCTORY:
When I did the introductory, I had to do this with the dogs, Daryl and Larry (raccoon).
I put her in a 3x4 dog cage with a litter box, hiding spot and covered parts of the cage to help her feel secure.  I gave her a day or so to adjust to her environment.   My dogs were already use to having foxes, so I didn't need to do much of an introductory to the dogs. Once Darla adjusted, I would let Daryl and Larry see her in the cage.    I was very surprised to see how quick Daryl took to her.  Daryl was actually a "helper fox".  He would bring Darla some of his treats and even some of his toys and set them next to the cage for her.  When I seen that, I figured Daryl would be fine with her.  But, I still did not take any chance, because she was so small.  As Darla got a little bigger, I let her out with Daryl, under supervision only.   Everyone seem to get along good. As she was better than half grown, I let her go in their room and pen.

 APPEARANCE CHANGE:darla the silver fox kit
When you see Darla's  photo gallery, you will notice the change of appearance in her since she was a kit.  Most kits look more like a kitten. But, as the fox grows, their tail will begin to develop to a "fox tail".  But, in Darla's case, her coloring completely changed. She now looks like a silver fox.  Generally, silver fox kits are black.
Darla was a cinnamon color.

Darla's favorite treat is raw eggs, chicken jerky, as treats.
Her regular diet is cooked chicken, dry cat food and can cat food.
Darla also gets liver when available.  Her favorite meat is deer meat.
All three foxes get the same type of food.

When Darla was young, she was very friendly. As she got a little older, she begin to be
shy.  I didn't spend the required time with her.  However, she is coming around more,
and not as shy.  She is not like Daryl and she is not aggressive, just shy.
Darla does like the dogs.  She grooms them as she does Daryl. I watched her method,
and do the same on Daryl (which he loves)

Darla sheds the same was Daryl and most other foxes do. Their fur comes out in hunks.
When Darla sheds, The cinnamon color is a little more prominent on the under coat.
But, in the process of her shedding, her color will change back to the "silver fox" color"
As with most foxes, She will have her winter coat by November. 

Darla, as do the other foxes and coons, have their own room with lots of hiding places. They also have a doggie door from their room that goes into their 10x20 pen. In the pen, is a tall tier with about three floors.  They love this, they have a very good view.
They also have a lot of hiding places in their pen. I still let Darla in the house, but, not 24/7.
Darla loves being outside, especially the tower.  Her and Donnie spend a lot of time there.

Please be sure to look at Darla's photo gallery.  The photo's are sorted
by the year.  Starting at 2006 when she was born.  Darla is more camera shy than Daryl is,
so, I didn't get near as many pictures of Darla as I did of Daryl.

NO they are not.  Raising a fox can be a lot of work, understanding and patience.  It is very important to have a lot of activity for foxes, otherwise, you could have a destructive fox. If you are considering a fox, please make sure you do your research and you fully understand a foxes behavior.

Foxes are NOT like dogs, therefore, they need to be handled different.
There are many fox owners on my message board. Feel free to join us.

More information on Foxes, please see   FOX CARE SHEET  and   MESSAGE BOARD







More information on Foxes, please see   FOX CARE SHEET  and   MESSAGE BOARD