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Welcome to Sybil's Den.  This site is meant for information purposes  on raising  pet exotics animals based on my experience.  There are care sheets for black bears, foxes, raccoons, emus, farm animals and domestic animals.   Also please find a very informative message board with a lot of great members.

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Average 10-15 pounds
Living condition:
Require a large Outdoor enclosure with several hiding places, shelter and enrichment.
Can indoors, but NOT recommended 24/7. They like to be outdoors.
Color Variation
Many shades of red.
Red fox family also have white and/or black marking (Marble), White with grey (Glazier), black and silver (silver fox).
Some have a slight musk odor to their fur. (mostly reds)
Urine has a skunk odor. (Not as strong as a skunk) They will mark, but, seems to diminish as they get older and spay or neutering them.
Litter Training
Yes, they can be litter trained if started young and should have more than one litter box.
A litter box should be kept in their pen also. This lessens the pen odor and ensures better litter habits when brought indoors.  However, some foxes may be more difficult.
No, they are not. They are not like dogs or cats and generally will come to you for petting or scratching.
Adult foxes should not be forced to be picked up. 

Some foxes can be a "one-person" fox.
with other animals:

They love dogs, as long as the dog is NOT aggressive. A fox and a dog will play well together.
Cats should NOT be kept with foxes or left unattended. Kittens MUST be kept completely separate from foxes.
Any animal that is smaller than a fox, should NOT be kept with a fox or have contact.
some will bark almost like a dog, scream or crackle.

Every state is different, it is important to check with your state Game Commission/DNR to find the legality.  Also some cities/townships will need to be approved.
PLEASE, do NOT keep a fox illegally.  If you are caught with an illegal fox, you will be fined and the fox will be destroyed.
Availability There are several good breeders.  PLEASE be cautious when buying a fox online.  You are better off buying a fox from a legit breeder.  There are many scams on the internet, don't fall prey to them.
If buying out of state, please make sure what your state requires. Many states require an import permit. 
Misc Information Red Foxes are the largest of other foxes.

PLEASE make sure you understand completely the proper care of a fox prior to buying one.
Do extensive research.  Sybils Message board has a wealth of information and very knowledgeable and experienced fox owners.





    Caging Requirements Indoors/
Odor Litter Box Trainability Affection Color Variety Sociability w/ People Sociability w/ Animals Vocalizations Price Range Availability Marking Notes
Red 15-25 lbs* Large Outdoor Enclosure Mostly Outdoors Strong Musk; Urine smells like skunk Possible, but varies Aloof to affectionate Wide variety Generally one-person foxes OK w/ dogs; careful w/ cats Warbles, cackles, screams $200.00
Widely available all over the world Will mark with urine *largest of all known foxes
Arctic 10 Large Outdoor Enclosure Can be kept indoors or outdoors Little body odor; urine is skunky; feces smell Possible, also can be housetrained like a dog Aloof to affectionate Some color variety* Very socialable Generally okay with most animals Very vocal; gruffs when angry $300-800 Several breeders in the US and UK Will mark with urine *some color varieties tend to have serious health issues
Fennec Fennec: 1 to 4 lbs Indoor enclosure needed Strictly indoors No body or urine odor Very difficult Generally aloof No color variety Skittish around strangers Generally okay with most animals Very vocal $800-2000 Widely availible all over the world Will mark with urine Pale foxes are very similar to fennec
Corsac 6 lbs Indoor/
Mostly indoors No body or urine odor Relatively easy to litter train Aloof to affectionate No color variety [?] [?] [?] $???? Only availible in the UK [?] Knowledge based on the Flashman Foxes
Swift 5-7 lbs If needed; large dog crate Mostly indoors No body or urine odor Relatively easy to litter train Aloof to affectionate No color variety [?] Dislikes cats [?] $800-1000 Only availible in the US Will mark with urine and feces[?] Knowledge based mostly one fox named Bella
All foxes : Will shed heavily as they lose their winter coat, but otherwise do not shed severely Require an exotic vet Have similar diets; what will work for one generally works for another species Life span of 10-15 years