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Howdy, y'all.

Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Howdy, y'all.

Postby jtrux » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:36 pm

I've had Roper (female coon whom was originally thought to be a boy, hence the masculine name) for nearly 4 years now.

I've run into a couple road blocks with her lately that led me to do some internet sleuthing.

I'll post my questions/concerns/comments in the correct sub-forum, however, I just figured I would introduce myself here with some basic info about myself and pets.

Along with Roper I also am privileged to share my home with (no particular order) my patient wife, my senior GSD, a few cats, 20ish tortoises (a few babies reside inside; majority are outside) and a trio of Argentine tegus (outside, as well).

I live in S. TX and work near a local lake and that's where the story of Roper begins.

A coworker called me on the radio to meet him at an odd location for assistance. I say odd because the place where he requested me is not a place where any of our work is conducted ever, but I caught on from his tone that something was up, so off I went.

I caught up with him a few mins later and found him standing over a tiny, nearly unresponsive coon baby. I told him not to touch it and to leave it be. We work 12hr shifts and this was the beginning of our shift, so I told him if it was still there 12hrs later, I'd take it to a rehab center.

It should also be noted that I am known at work for being the animal guy, so that is why he called me and not someone else.

12hrs later I pulled up to that spot in my Jeep to see if the little fella was still there and as you might imagine, it was.

I had a box prepared just in case and placed it in there and headed home. Once home I told my wife that there a baby coon in the front bedroom in a box and that I would take her to a rehab when I woke up. At this time, it was approx 6am, maybe a little later.

Anyways, she is not one to ignore a baby critter so she was up and out of the room before I was able to finish telling her about it.

I passed out and several hours later awoke to her walking around the house with this little coon riding on her shoulder all over the house. The worst part was that she had named it. Well, once you name something, it's over. I couldn't convince her to give it up.

4 yeara later my little coon will come running to the front door and literally jump into my arms when I enter the house. I don't have kids so this is about as close as you can get witbout having them.
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Re: Howdy, y'all.

Postby pat » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:32 am

welcome to sybil's message board.

interesting story on how you got your raccoon. raccoons are so darn cute and so easy to fall in love with.
If you keep him, he should be fixed though. the hard part is finding a vet that will treat a raccoon without being legal icon-sad

hope you post more information and updates in the raccoon forum. lots of good info there. the members and I would certainly like to hear more about your raccoon. raccoons are hard to resist.

thank you for joining us.
Pat (Sybil and Benny's Mom) Sybils Den
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Re: Howdy, y'all.

Postby Ash » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:06 pm

I'm really happy you were able to save Roper's life. :) That's so cute how she'll leap up into your arms when you get home. She must really love you guys lots.

*I'm sure you're aware, but raccoons are illegal to keep as pets in Texas, so keep her on the down low and make sure you're secretive about her. Otherwise the state could come seize her. Always good to double check state laws for rehabilitators too--lots of rehabbers are supposed to euthanize raccoons that come into their care since they're seen as a pest species.
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