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Re: Hello!

Postby Lupercus » Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:50 am

I try to admit when I'm wrong, but I hate being wrong about my dog :).

I had two tests performed on him (actual mileage may vary...), one suggested 3 of his grandparents were Siberian huskies, one a Alaskan malamute, 2 mixed breeds and two inconclusive. The second was for wolf ancestry (UC Davis Vet. Genetics Lab), which is apparently easier to detect in maternal lines than paternal (unfortunate as his father showed the wolf like features). VGL's results were "Inconclusive, probably dog." If one of his recent ancestors was a wolf, his inheritance of it is pretty well diluted. He's still the best dog I've ever had.

Please be gentle on my bruised ego.

Now back to my regularly scheduled stress of trying to get a fox. :9
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Re: Hello!

Postby sarajeku » Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:20 am

I completely forgot this thread existed! I'm sorry!
Like I said in another thread: I could send off my collie's DNA for those tests, and it would give me a plethora of mixed breeds. I think I'd be better off getting my dogs' breeds from a fortune cookie. It'd be tastier too! :lol:

That picture is adorable! We can't tell you anything about wolf content from it though.

I've posted the kinds of photos that I feel work well for phenotyping below. Along with my (attempted) phenotype of my boy Echo. Most of this info, I got from http://texx-wolf-tails.webs.com/ so if you find anything at all you want to add, feel free. My Echo albums are public on my facebook. (link at the bottom)

Echo got all the doggy genes in his family. Of all 8 puppies, he and two other brothers look like huskies, while the rest look much more fluffy and "wolfy" (except for one, which kind of looks like a dingo?)
Echo is obviously still growing, so as he grows, some things may change. You can tell here, by his giant snow-shoe feet:
Echo's got a very narrow chest- which both wolves and some dog breeds can have. He's cow-hocked, and his front paws turn outward as well, and he does single-track. I didn't notice this until I had him on a 20 ft leash and he was playing in the snow. He's got what I've been calling since late Dec. "mile long supermodel legs"

An "overlapping" trait is that he's got beautiful bright gold eyes. I've always associated gold eyes with wolves, but I've recently come to learn that dogs also can have those beautiful gold eyes. Another overlapping trait is his black nose and lip liner.

Echo doesn't bark. This is his attempt at barking for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ejx-o-tsho
He has a very "wolf-like" howl most of the time. My neighbors actually like it (which is fortunate, since we live in an apartment). But he also has a "husky-esque" sound that he makes when he gets upset with me and he's throwing a temper tantrum, seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NVUKILunRk

You mentioned above average intelligence: I wanted to share with you something Echo has done recently. He watches my every move like a hawk. Sometimes it's for the good, sometimes it's for the "How can I get food?" or "Hmmm how can I escape this apartment and get into trouble?" Every day when I take him out, he sits patiently while I leash him, and put my coat and boots on. Then I have to unlock the deadbolt and turn the doorknob. No brainer, right? Well, I caught my little man unlocking the deadbolt with his paw and turning the doorknob by chewing it until it turned. Now he knows how to let himself out. 4

He has yet to grow into his radar dish ears.. my poor boy even got called a coyote! The older he gets, the less prominent his stop is. I like to compare it to my collie, since wolfdogs seem to have a similar look (as do the coyotes around here).

You'll have to excuse any typos or errors. I pulled all my info from texx-wolf-tails, so if I've mixed something up, I blame the fact that I've been working on this on and off literally since 3am, and now it's 6am. I just couldn't sleep when I tried to go to bed, but I kept dozing off when I was typing this. Oh irony.

Anyway, I put quite a bit of thought into this and if you've got anything to add, here are the links to Echo's photos


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