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Re: Chase

Postby Alynn » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:37 pm

Since I now know that you're reading this:
This picture is for an arctic fox owner named Alynn who keeps claiming that champagne foxes with blue eyes are genetically impossible (as she stated "blue eyed champange foxes", which genetically speaking, do not exist.")

So I am sharing this picture just for you Alynn, it's my friend's ''fake, that does not even genetically exist" fox. I hope you like this, I have more if you want to make sure that I didn't fake this or anything. Inform yourself before making claims as you did, that these foxes don't exist. It's overly annoying to see you say that, when these beauties do exist

PICTURE HAS COPYRIGHTS, DO NOT USE IT IN ANY WAY, or I shall make reports (as it is not my fox).

However, we will have one just like this this spring, or next one.

PS: Alynn, yes I do have all the animals I claim to have, including the foxes. I invite you to come visit them

For one, tell me where you got that picture. What friend gave it to you? It certainly doesn't look like a fur farm picture as the fox is sitting in grass. You certainly have a lot of unnamed friends and connections that you can never seem to provide.

And no, I still do not believe that champagne foxes have blue eyes, no do I believe that Champagne foxes are actually not just another name for Amber foxes. That to me looks close to a fawn glow, which are nearly the same as Amber foxes, however, they do have blue eyes.

You can read up on it here: ... lor-phases

Or look at these pictures here:
(Amber sapphire, sapphire, amber)

Fawn glow fox.

Here's another amber fox pelt for you:

Amber platnium, but you get the idea.

Awfully similar to the picture of a white mark champagne fox Daisy posted, right?

As well as the soft mount you posted a picture of way back when:

And here's some pictures I took from my book (my scanner's broken):
Information about Ambers:

Fawn glows vs. Ambers, note the 'best distinguished by blue eyes' bit:

A bit clearer of a picture of the fawn glow.

Picture of a pale amber fox.

A clearer picture of a pale amber fox (in the background)

Aren't so rare now are they?

Inform myself? Do I need to link back to all the old threads in which you wanted to keep a fox in an apartment, only to backpedal and say you already knew that you couldn't? To where you suddenly were only against defanging a fox or deglanding one once we told you that it was unacceptable, blaming your associate?
To you coming on the board under different aliases? Or your petty remarks to everyone who pointed out the problems in your plan to get a fox at the age of 15?

You have no animals. Krystelle is the one with the foxes, or at least that's what you've been telling everyone, that your associate has all these animals. Even if she has all these animals, there's no way you could provide all these colors, unless you're brokering these animals from a fur farm. Be sure to tell your customers.

Perhaps I would get of your back if 1) you could prove that Krystelle can legally have and import these foxes. All you've told is that you need a license without telling us what kind of license or where. I want to see the piece of legislation that says that you can get a license for commercial purposes. I want to know the names and numbers of the officials that endorsed the operation. I want to see the paperwork.

2) Stop being so petty and childish. You have a long history of it. I wouldn't be nearly as bothered by you if I hadn't seen the way you lash out and retaliate at others. That, and your blatant lies about your age and the animals that you own. Your unprofessional behavior.

I would be glad to work with you and ensure that these animals are legally taken care of if not for how you've behaved towards me and other members here. Now I don't exactly favor the idea.
No matter how anyone has treated you, it is not justification for treating them badly as well. I have been nothing but polite and respectful in all my dealings with you, albeit blunt at times when you were trying to get a pet fox despite your age.

Why did you block me on dA? I never even talked to you there.
Why don't you allow me to post all your ads, all your forum posts, all the messages you've sent to people like Elina there, so they can decide for themselves who is telling the truth? At the very least you can post a link to the forum seeing as we're the people who apparently keep on 'trolling' you, as you once put in a post on DeviantArt and have since removed. It's only fair. We've been entirely transparent in our communications with others regarding you, providing screenshots and links, whereas you just tell everyone that there are people bothering you without showing them who or why.

And why are you claiming selling Arctic foxes in Quebec? On your own legalities page you even state that only ranch colored vulpes vulpes are allowed as pets. So why do you have these foxes and are selling them? And how do you plan on getting shadow, blue and polar from a single breeding female, Vixey?

Even if Krystelle has a license, what does she plan to do with all "red, silver, white, black, albino, cross, golden, beige foxes and any other foxes with a color similar with those wild-colors, [that] are ILLEGAL to be kept as pets." that come out the litters? Even if you breed certain colors together, you're still going to get silver and red foxes popping up in the litters. You can't possibly have all the facilities to house these animals that are illegal to be kept as pets in Quebec. Are you going surrender them to fur farms? How is that fair to all those animals?

Also, oh yeah, what happened to getting that new guinea singing dog? You've changed things now, but remember this?:

If anything you should take away from this, I just ask,

If your operation is so legal and officially endorsed and has all the proper licensing?

Prove it.

We are aware that these animals are in possession. What we do not know is if they are legally being kept.

Any breeder here in the US can show you their USDA license, give you the number to their state DNR official that endorsed them, and produce a copy of the laws.

You have been unable to do either in respect to Quebec.

If you can prove that the animals that Krystelle has are legally owned and being bred and sold, more power to you. If not, you have a whole legal mess and plenty of animals misplaced by being illegally sold in the process.

If you want, you can even email me at Bear in mind that what you email me, if you email, will (likely) be shared with others, especially if you are able to prove that these animals are kept legally.

And even if you can do so, I hope your behavior shapes up, because you have been nothing but immature in how you've deal with the conflict you've been faced with.
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Re: Chase

Postby sarajeku » Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:17 am

:agreed: Very well said Alynn! I couldn't have said it better myself!


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