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Need Advice: Rescued Finch Baby

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Re: Need Advice: Rescued Finch Baby

Postby EmilyGrace » Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:52 pm

Update: Thankfully, in the weeks since I last posted, no more nestlings have fallen. I talked with an audobon rehabber and she said that leaving them in a nesting box is the best option unless we know for sure that the parents are dead or have abandoned them. Also, under those special circumstances an audobon volunteer may be able to come get the nestling.

My coworker brought up an excellent point about the nesting boxes: why would the mother and father bird take it upon themselves to feed and shelter both their unfallen and fallen young in two seperate nests? I would guess they wouldnt and thats why it hasnt worked; theyre prioritizing their other young.

So in the case of the four birds that were accidentally delivered, the parents might have given up on them, although the audobon person said that the parent will likely accept them if they've only been gone for a few hours. Watching the nest too closely is something to avoid doing in the future too.

About the scare crow owls, I didnt realize it at first but my work place already has those and they havent been effective. Other than getting a peregrine falcon for the store mascot, i cant think of anyway to permanentely discourage them from coming in and building their nests.


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