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Hello everyone :)

Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Hello everyone :)

Postby motdaugrnds » Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:37 pm

My name is "Jodie" and I live on a small 6-acre homestead on the eastern coast of the USA. I'm trying to create a self-sufficient farm that is organic in nature, valuing the soil and having all creatures work in harmony.

I've been raising the large Nubian dairy goats and an assortment of fowl (chickens, guineas, geese) and have 2 large guard dogs (labradore and Karakachan) to guard the place.

The only problem I've run into that needs delt with are copperheads. David found 2 grown ones early spring with one being pregnant. The year before our German Shepherd guard dog had died from snake bite. I don't want anything else dying from snake bite. This is why I've joined this site, i.e. I want help in finding some type of animal that would fit in our small homestead to help me deal with these snakes.

I've found several, one being the American Guinea Hog and another being a mongoose. (I'm in touch with local breeders about AGH.) The types of mongoose stated as dealing well with snakes are not legal; and I have not been able to find the types of mongoose that are legal....assuming they might, also, help with my snake concern.

I'm hoping knowledgeable people in these forums can help me with this. I will, also, make attempts to contribute in whatever way I can. ~~~~~I am what I am! Acknowledging tis is the beginning; and my growth is yet to end!
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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby Ash » Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:31 am

Hi, welcome to the board, and merry Christmas! :) It's great to have you here.

Sorry you're having problems with copperheads in your area. They are generally very good for environments since they keep the rodent population under control super well. I'm sorry your dog passed away from a bite. :( But keep in mind that such an event is typically rare--snakes are shy and generally will not attack unless provoked. Maybe I'm just a snake sympathizer, but in general they tend to be really good animals, venomous or not, unless there is an abundance of venomous ones in a residential area.

If you feel that it is a must to get rid of the copper heads, don't go with an exotic pet. They cannot be kept outside unless in an escape-proof pen. They can't run loose, or you will never see them again. So a mongoose won't work to keep down the population. I wouldn't suggest an exotic to take on a snake problem. That's something a domestic animal needs to do--so like the guinea hog.

If they really do seem to pose a problem, you should call an exterminator, or try getting some of the hogs.

Hopefully that helps. :)

Anyway, glad to have you here, and hope you stick around!
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