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Fox in an accident

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Fox in an accident

Postby foxfriend » Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:50 am

Hello, I have a wild red fox that comes to our garden (yes, I feed him and his family from time to time even though I am not supposed to). He has apparently been hit by a car. We saw on Sunday that his back leg was held high and his whole side was bloodied and open. Awful. Called the local refuge and they gave us a number to call, we did. Man said he would be there the next morning, didn't show up. Couldn't get anyone to show up last night either, but come to find out, they will kill him.
I went this morning to the refuge that takes birds, hedgehogs, etc. They will not take foxes. She explained that he would get to used to humans while in their care and they won't be able to let him go again. I can't find anyone in Switzerland for that matter who will care for foxes.
I spoke with the 'shooter' this morning and he felt empathetic. He suggested I try caring for him and if I see that he gets much worse he will come, he has seen fox recover from leg injuries. Of course I don't want him to suffer but he doesn't look like he is suffering so much, he is quite bouncy. I was told a fox doesn't really show their sufferance. Though I tell you, his mother certainly looked like she was suffering when she was having to find food for all her babies!
Asking for advice...
Should I have the fox killed immediately in case he is in pain or should I give him a chance to survive? Btw, I am feeding him ground beef with an antibiotic crushed up inside of it. (I checked, the one I had was safe for dogs).
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Re: Fox in an accident

Postby TamanduaGirl » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:58 pm

If he's getting around okay as you say let him go. I've seven seen wild birds do fine with only one leg useful. And when being fed I've even seen wild ducks do okay with only one wing useful of course they couldn't fly so relied on being fed by people visiting the pond but if being fed injured wild animals will do fine.

I think they are wrong about his becoming accustomed to humans assuming he's an adult and even if not if they did it right he'd not but generally speaking most rehab people won't listen because they are the "expert".

But yeah since no one will actually help then just let him be. He should do okay.
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Re: Fox in an accident

Postby foxfriend » Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:16 am

Thank you!
I was in touch yesterday also with a refuge in the UK and they very kindly told me the same thing - one back leg, not a problem, not the case with a front leg. He also said that in 23 years they have rescued 9000 foxes and have never had a problem with them going back to the wild after being cared for by humans.
He suggested I give him a chance too, with a little help and his own strength, he may do just fine.
He has been coming to eat morning and evening and is getting around pretty well, his side looks awful, but with any luck it won't get infected. He is acting like he is fine, would never know anything was wrong with him.
Thanks again.


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