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A fox wanter here!

Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Treble Bolt
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A fox wanter here!

Postby Treble Bolt » Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:08 pm

Hello everyone! I am Treble Bolt. I live in rural Iowa, and have been wanting a fox since I was in middle school (over 10 years now). Now that I am settled down in my life, I am starting my research about fox care.
For current pets, I have 2 cats (both rescues). Treben I got when he was under 2 weeks old. He was run over by a lawnmover at my husbands parent's farm, and lost one of his back legs. Through my care and vet expertise, he is now 3 years, and my beloved "anvil cat". Nekkhalen is a Bengal mix we took in last fall as a stray. At the time we figure he was between 4-6 months old (he's over 1 year now). He is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever met. My husband is not a cat person, but he adores Nekkhalen. :mrgreen:
I also have a hedgehog, Pindsvin. I have had him nearly 2 years now, and he loves nothing more than to be in my lap when I curl up with a good book. icon-smile He's very tame, but throws tantrums if I don't make his cage "just so" (he has quite an intruiging personality).
Hedgehogs weren't my first foray into exotic animals. I have wanted another dog since my childhood friend, Velco, passed away. However, he was a wolf. I was too young to understand at the time, but my aunt was an illegal exotic pet owner, and my mother got Velcro from her because she didn't have room for 2 wolves (the other wolf was Velcro's mother). We had Velcro for 3 years before the DNR put him down (I was 9 when that happened). I still miss him, and really cannot see myself with a dog because I'd compare them all to him. Velcro was a big handlful. He hated everyone and was extremely aggressive towards all dogs. However, somehow I became his friend. He followed me everywhere, loved to play with me. I ended up being his caretaker because he wasn't aggressive towards me. I remember it being a great deal of responsibility, but I loved him.

As with my first foray into hedgehogs, I am currently into my research phase into foxes. With what little I know now, I am still not sure on breed. I am looking into the Red Fox type (although my husband is unsure of their scent), specifically regular Red fox, Silver, or Pearl Cross. Neither of us want a small fox like fennec, and we don't want an artic fox (price). I hope adopt from Tiny Tracks, and know the laws for both Minnesota and Iowa, because I live with the MN border just across the Iowa river, across the street. We have a 2 acre lot, with plenty of room to make a kennel as big as we want. I plan on feeding it Blue Buffalo (it's what all my other animals eat)....
So yeah....that's a bit about me and my plans.
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Re: A fox wanter here!

Postby Ash » Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:12 am

Hello, and welcome. :)

I thought Iowa did not allow foxes to be owned as pets. I think you may need to be federally-licensed (USDA) in order to legally keep one there, but I'm not entirely sure.

Foxes do stink really, really bad (well, their urine and feces is what stinks--not the fox itself). And they mark regardless of whether they're male or female, fixed or intact. But the fox should have its own enclosure, and if it's outdoors, the smell won't be much of a problem. The breeze whisks away the odors, and rain keeps things "fresh."

Sorry to hear about Velcro. :( That's really too bad. It sounds like you had a strong bond with him. Sometimes exotics are very particular about who they like, and to us it may seem completely arbitrary.
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Re: A fox wanter here!

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:47 am

Yep sorry they are included in "dangerous wild animals" These are the only options and they don't look promising

20. A person who keeps a dangerous wild animal pursuant to all of the following conditions:

a. The person is licensed by the United States department of agriculture(usda) as provided in 9 C.F.R. ch. I.

b. The person is registered by the department of agriculture and land stewardship(I'm not sure but this sounds difficult). Upon a complaint filed with the department of agriculture and land stewardship, the department may inspect the premises or investigate the practices of the registered person and suspend or revoke the registration for the same causes and in the same manner as provided in section 162.12.

Another exemption
7. A person who has been issued a wildlife rehabilitation permit by the department of natural resources pursuant to section 481A.65.

You can not keep animals from the wild only rehab and release but long as you have papers proving your "dangerous animal" came from a breeder and is not wild then you can keep it under this exemption as you have the license that exempts you but the animal is not governed by it since from a breeder.(this info came from a member who talked to the DNR and State vet but I would check into it yourself to be sure and it's probably hard to get the rehab permit anyway[it is here]).


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