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Just joined!

Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Just joined!

Postby LoveTheCoons » Tue May 26, 2015 2:57 pm

Hi I just joined and I am looking to buy a raccoon, I have looked over what you put for raccoon's but would like to ask a few questions, I am a person who wants to make the best life for the furry critter! :D

what kind of bedding should I put in my raccoon's outside cage, also can the raccoon sleep inside with me, or is outside the best way? What are the best toys to keep them entertained, and I have small dogs, Toy Poodles, since my dogs are so small should I keep my future raccoon away from them so he/she doesn't harm them? Also, should I get a female raccoon or a male? I would be nuder/spaying the coon so would it matter either way, or do they bother have different personalities no matter what like, aggression, playfulness, calmness, etc. Because I would rather have a calm, loving, yet playful raccoon. :) Those are my questions for now! (I do not, or have ever owned a raccoon) One more thing! How should I construct the cage (outside) how would I prevent them from digging, climbing, or chewing their way out? Or did I miss that in what you have put down? :)
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Re: Just joined!

Postby pat » Tue May 26, 2015 9:04 pm


I will answer some of your question here, however, if you post questions in the raccoon forum,you will get more views and answers there.

straw is fine for bedding outside. raccoons like hiding places. low and high.
yes, your raccoon can sleep with you. however, you will have to coon-proof wherever he has access to.

a raccoon will get along with most dogs and even cats. from what I have heard males are better than the females.
(I have only raised males) yep, they must be fixed by 6-7 months. when fixed at this age, their moods should remain the same.
it is important to spend as much time with a raccoon as possible, especially at a young age.

some raccoons will get into more than others. my oldest one use to get into every thing,my two youngest never did.
just like people, sometimes they all have different personalities, and also depends on how they are raised.

an outdoor enclosure should be chainlink, with bottom and top. it would be nice to have all or at least part of the top with some type of roof to prevent the sun making it too hot in the enclosure. I use corrugated panels on mine.
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Re: Just joined!

Postby LoveTheCoons » Tue May 26, 2015 10:03 pm

Okay, thank you so much! Those were all the questions I have for now, but if I do I will put it in the raccoon section next time :) Thank you again!
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Re: Just joined!

Postby Ash » Wed May 27, 2015 10:51 pm

Welcome to the forum! Pat is a long-time raccoon owner, and we have a lot of experienced coon owners here. :)

I feel like the raccoon owners might soon out-number the fox owners who still post, lol. :lol: We've been getting a lot of raccoon people lately!
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Re: Just joined!

Postby TidbitandHope » Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:21 pm

Hello Love the Coons... I am new to this site and and newer to coon "ownership"... mine were rescued as kits and I have been learning along the way by doing a lot of research, and I am still learning...LOL. OK, so far as your questions concerning cages/enclosures... when my kits were small, I kept them temporarily in a large dog carrier. As they became bigger/more mobile, we temporarily kept them in a baby pen topped with a giant plywood board. They were in our garage because it made for easier cleanup, and my mom isn't fond of animals being in the house. I have moved them to a 10x10x6 chain link dog kennel. I found out just how clever raccoons were this way. The cage was a used one, and the holes at the bottom had been bent/stretched. The girls found that they could shove their way out with enough force with their hind legs. We couldn't have that, sooo, I had to come up with something quick. I prayed for inspiration, and it was given me at a Humane Society the very next day, LOL. I had to take a 3'x50' chicken wire fencing and fasten it to each panel and door, while leaving a small "skirt", with some 17 gauge wire (all that was found at Tractor Supply Company). I also better secured the fencing together by weaving 17 guage wire through the chicken wire and chain link. Most recommend a solid flooring because raccoons like to dig and could easily get under the panels. Honestly what worked for me is I took what was left over from the chicken wire and cut it into four sections. I literally dug under each panel and inserted the chicken wire, fastening it to the ground with fabric steaks (took several!). I covered the ground chicken wire lining with sand liberally, and for the majority of the flooring i find that fine pine shaving are easy maintenance and low cost at tsc. If you're having your coon inside, it would be beneficial to have a decent sized cage indoors to prevent them from being destructive without supervision. ... you definitely don't want your place destroyed like Willie the raccoon did to his owners place. If you wanna see a happy,well trained raccoon whose owner has taken time to train to not tear up her house but also knows tons of amazing tircks(including riding a bike!) is Melanie the Raccoon on YouTube. So far as your coon sleeping with you... you'll need to work with whatever coon you get, and after some time... maybe it could work out, but as Pat said, you wanna coon proof the room and have toys and a litter box available, too. So far as toys go... lots of toys work...cat, dog, and baby toys all work as long as no sharp parts or choking hazards are involved. Raccoons are very very "handsy". They especially love to put their hands inside things to attempt to retrieve things. They like the jingle balls to where they can touch the inside bell balls, and they like they cat toys that have the balls they paw around at through the openings. I have never had my coons around dogs. They have experience with cats but are wary of them. Warning...They play very rough! And I don't know how they would do around Toy poodles... you're just gonna have to see how that plays out when the time comes. So far as raccoon temperaments/gender. My male and female all have played rough but have been very affectionate too. Mine haven't been fixed yet, i plan to do so next moth when they're approx. 4months old. I only had one incident of outright aggressive biting/growling was when I picked up Tidbit after she was rescued. .. she was very scared. Rocket calmed her and they was no aggression since. Hope was more desperate when saved (being in a tree nearly 3 full days longer than her siblings without food) that she literally climbed down into my fiance's brother's arms. Once my mom and i got her and fed her, she been one happy happy coon! They all are honestly different Hope likes attention but was never as affectionate as Rocket and Tidbit. Tidbit loves snuggling and digging around under shirt collars... but she's bad about thinking I'm a giant climbing post. Pants are a must around my coons right now... they're learning still. Their claws are EXTREMELY SHARP they're like bear claws, and they like to use them and need to be taught not to use them on humans... just like their teeth ;) Good luck purchasing/owning your future coon (s)


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