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Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Postby TheBlizz » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:50 pm

I recently discovered this forum all about my favorite thing - animals! I'm rather excited about this and hope to become a vital part of this community, sharing my knowledge and collecting yours. I have many inquiries that I will ask through my time here on SybilsDen! icon-smile
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Re: Hello!

Postby TamanduaGirl » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:23 pm

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Re: Hello!

Postby Peacefulward » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Welcome, glad to have you here!
5 Dogs, 2 cats, 2 leopard geckos, 1 guinea pig, 1 axolotl, and a coatimundi currently in my family. :)

Exotic "wishlist": red fox, arctic fox, gray fox, bat eared fox, fennec fox, mink, muntjac deer, owl (any species).
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Re: Hello!

Postby Ash » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:26 pm

Hi! Welcome, and glad to have you here. :)
I'm Fable and Ifrit's mommy. Also mommy to Carousel, Breeze, and a bunch of snakes, lizards, and spiders. Oh, and one amphibian!


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