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Hi from the UK!

Tell us a little about yourself, pets or whatever.

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Hi from the UK!

Postby Genevie » Thu Aug 09, 2012 7:19 pm

Hi! icon_biggin.gif

I'm Genevieve, a student living in the UK (London, to be more specific!) and a huge animal lover!

I currently have:
  • 1 Syrian hamster (Nova)
  • 2 Roborovski hamsters (Nixon & Roosevelt)
  • 5 fancy mice (Brittany & Santana, and Brittany's unexpected all-girl litter - Sugar, Quinn and Rachel)
  • 2 African Dwarf Frogs (Thor & Loki)

But we're adding a genet or two to our family in the very near future icon-smile

It's my dream to own fennecs in the future when the time is right, and Elina recommended this forum as a great place to learn all about them. Very excited to gain as much expertise as possible in the coming years, and hopefully one day I'll be able to put that knowledge to good use!
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby egroegart » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:09 pm

Welcome. nice to have you.
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby Elina » Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:56 pm

Hello and welcome!
Good to see that you found your way over here :icon-wink: .
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby Splashstorm » Tue Aug 14, 2012 6:20 pm

Welcome to the forums! I hope you get your fennecs :)
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby sarajeku » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:59 pm

Welcome! I had 3 African dwarf frogs that lived a lot longer than I'd expect for something so small. I initially got them because my dorm didn't allow anything other than a fish bowl and I'd heard it would be possible to set up an environment for them in one. And I was lonely in my dorm. They lived for about 4 years(ish).

Yeah, anyway, welcome to the forum! I want to hear about your frogs!
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby the_unstable » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:13 pm

Belated welcome, Genevie! Genets are so gorgeous, I hope to hear about them when you get some.
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby veralidaine » Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:26 pm

heehee love the glee-inspired names :peng:
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Re: Hi from the UK!

Postby caninesrock » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:03 am

Welcome. Would love to hear about your ferret gennet(s). ^^
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