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Crisis cats, do you have room?

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Crisis cats, do you have room?

Postby Ana » Wed May 18, 2016 6:43 pm














Hello, all. I'm a volunteer in Butler county who works with hoarders. After 8 long years, with the help of Animal Friends and Angels for Animals in Ohio, we have completed ALL the spays and neuters in one hoard. 3 cats were removed from the hoard for different reasons (pregnancy, illness). They've been temporarily staying with me. Originally, I was to return the cats to the hoard after treatment, but I've found myself struggling with that, as the cats have become acclimated to life outside that environment, and returning would be very stressful for them. I'm hoping to find some kind souls who will be willing to adopt these great cats, and provide them with safe loving homes. To that end, I'm willing to deliver them to anywhere within a 400 mile radius of Butler county, and will provide any additional support a perspective adopter might need. The cats are fully vetted, neutered or spayed, and flea treated. They are free to anyone who can provide a safe, loving environment. They've been through a lot, and it would mean so much for them to find families.

The black is a medium to long hair, male, neutered, of 9 months age. He is a mouser, he would love a situation where he could hunt, as he's been murdering toys since he was a young man - he's also VERY loud and talkative.

The grey is DHS, neutered, age 2. He seems like he might be mentally off a bit, and is the product of multi generational incest. He's practically silent, but will humps toys, people and other objects, and is in general a weird guy. Friendly, snuggly, just clumsy and weird.

The third is a spayed female, long hair, perhaps 4 years old. She came here rail thin and weak from so many pregnancies. The spay, and availability of constant food, has made her quite overweight. I'm hoping that as the food uncertainty she experienced for so long diminishes into remote memory, she'll self regulate. This may never happen, and any adopter should be aware of that. She is gentle and shy, quiet and friendly. It took her a very long time to come out from under the furniture, but now she's a sweet love that likes to snuggle. She'd love to be an only cat, but isn't mean to other cats, only frightened. She's also stressed out by kids and dogs, and will live under the furniture and not be happy in any situation that is loud and raucous.

Thank you so much for your time, please, pass this on to any social media you may have.
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Re: Crisis cats, do you have room?

Postby pat » Sun May 29, 2016 11:03 am

do you have any kittens left. if so, let me know, I will put them on FB for sale.

now that I got my dog back, free up a little of my time and stress..
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