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Potential Silver Fox Pairing 2018 (UK)

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Potential Silver Fox Pairing 2018 (UK)

Postby Katalyst » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:32 am

I am planning a breeding between my two most confident and characterful foxes with the onus being on temperament and with colour a bit of an afterthought. I shall only be pairing them if I have enough potential homes lined up in advance. 
Potential owners will be thoroughly vetted and only added to the waiting list if I am confident in their capacity to provide a suitable and permanent home for one of my foxes. 

* Must have a suitable, secure outdoor enclosure.
* Must have a vet willing to treat foxes.
* Must either own their home or have written permission from the owner/landlord of the house confirming that the keeping of foxes is permitted.
* Must be over 21 years of age.
* Must have demonstrable knowledge of the care and rearing of silver foxes and be as aware of the negatives of fox ownership as they are aware of the positives.

* Have first hand experience owning/caring for 'exotic' mammals.
* Have previously spent time around other pet foxes and be familiar with the smell and noise associated with them. 

I will be putting a lot of time into socialising cubs to handling, noises, other animals, people of all shapes and sizes, veterinary environments, different foods, different surfaces and scents etc and so on and will endeavour to match the most suitable cub in the litter to each home based on its temperament and personality. 

Cubs will be microchipped prior to leaving me and advice and aftercare will always be available.

As much as we all approach pet ownership with the best of intentions, sometimes life gets complicated and unforseen circumstances arise. 
I will be writing a fox equivalent to a puppy contract whereby new owners are required to contact me immediately should their circumstances change and they need to rehome their pet. I will then either take the fox back or assist in finding a new suitable home. 

Please contact me if you are interested.

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