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Life with a first-gen Coydog

Wolf hybrids or other exotic species crossed with domestic

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Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby Klandagi » Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:58 pm

It all started on Thanksgiving, my husband lost his German Shepherd of 12 years to kidney failure and the rest of the holidays just... Well... Sucked. We spent many months just grieving the loss of his companion and then fast forward a few months to this past week, he decides he's ready for another dog. We decided against purchasing a pure bred animal and eyeballed a couple shelter dogs. Everything was mainly pitbull or pitbull cross and, while I love them, I wasn't interested in inheriting someone else's headache while I have a 1 year old toddler. The mom in me just said no. None were a fit, even the toddler, who loves ALL animals, was reserved and just saying "nope".

So we put an ad on Craigslist. I know. I'm crazy. But we listed our criteria for a new dog, made it perfectly clear we had a toddler and a cat (Bengal cross who rules the roost) and hit post. Dog needed to be leash trained, at least mostly house broken, well behaved around other animals, great with kids.

Night one we had emails about malamutes and pitbulls all "must be only animal" or "has never been near kids". No go. Then, right before we went to bed, we get an e-mail about a "German Shepherd" 1 year old female who was fantastic with toddlers, cool with cats, and just awesome. They couldn't keep her because they'd just moved to town and were living out of an RV. Fine. Hubby made arrangements to meet her and took her home without another word.

What came in the door is NOT a German Shepherd. "Mom was Shepherd, dad was a coyote." they'd moved from Texas, had her from a baby, knew the mother intimately, knew the story of the coyote dad who, apparently, is very amorous with domestic canines. To keep her from being branded a bad dog and potentially shot, they actually docked her tail to conceal what she was. Made me want to dock THEIR tail, but hey. Whatever.

She's... Terrified of the cat. Yips and yeowls if the cat goes to approach her. If the hubby leaves, she cries for him. If I leave the room, she's on my heels. She's SUPER affectionate and most important? Adores my son. I was hesitant to let them interact, but turn my head for a second and he's laughing and feeding her his cereal bar over the top of his pack and play and she's being gentle as can be and licking him profusely. She's also excellent at rounding up his toys. What she's NOT good at is leaving paperwork alone. If it's out, it's hers and it's becoming floor decorations.

Unlike a lot of the hybrids I've worked with, this critter is SMART and highly in tune with what we want from her. She works well on a leash. Knows down, sit, stay etc. I think my goal with her is to become an Ambassador. Wish she still had her bushy tail, but we love her just the same.

PS: She's a complete bed hog.

PPS: Yes I'm aware that these animals ALL have different personalities. My high content Timber x Shepherd was VERY stand offish and I'd owned her from 8 weeks old onward and did everything I could to socialize. I'm BLESSED to have such a super awesome critter, and I know it.

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Re: Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby RabbleFox » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:00 pm

To be completely honest, She does not appear to be a coydog at all. This photo isn't particularly good for phenotyping, but her chest appears too wide and muzzle too thick to be a coydog. Even third gen coydogs display very 'yotey traits. Are coydogs legal in your area? It may be dangerous to claim her as a coydog. To me she looks like a generic shepherd mix. :)

Maybe post more photos?
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Re: Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby Juska » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:14 pm

That is not a 50/50 cross of a German shepherd and a coyote...I'm sorry, but I just don't see any coyote in that dog at all. Maybe if you provided more photos, but to me, like RabbleFox said, I just see a GS mix. I'm glad she's working well with your family, though!
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Re: Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby Ash » Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:12 pm

Regardless, she's a beauty. :) I do agree with what Rabblefox and Juska mentioned though, but that shouldn't mean she isn't anything special! :icon-wink: She's a nice-looking animal, and from your description it seems like you're the best family she could have asked for.
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Re: Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby Nìmwey » Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:20 pm

You're right that she's definitely not a german shepherd, but I too can't see any coyote in her.

I don't have pictures of confirmed "50%" coydogs, but I have of wolfdogs.

Wolf: Image

Coyote: Image

Mid-content (roughly half) wolfdog: Image

They tend to be very obviously wolfy-looking, so I'd expect a "mid-content coydog" to be very obviously coyote-looking.
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Re: Life with a first-gen Coydog

Postby Cindy23323 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:43 am

The original owner definitely lie, she is not a coydog.

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