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Growing Up Hyena! Anybody Else See it? A Good Pet?

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Growing Up Hyena! Anybody Else See it? A Good Pet?

Postby Ranger » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:10 pm

I just saw Growing Up Hyena today and really enjoyed it. That was really sad about Homer. He was really cute. What got me, though, was how the animal likely died of a heavy metal. Heavy metals are what are put in rat poison, which can easily be slipped into meat. I can only conclude that Homer was intentionally killed. That is something I can accept as fact, but I am unable to understand the level of cruelty of such an act.

It was really cool to see how Bongo and Tika were bullied by the lion cubs, but then learned to use team work in order to get the upper hand. It's a true testament to the intelligence of these creatures.

As for pets, I'm still undecided. There are very similar aspects to the levels of restrain that hyenas seem to have to wolves, however, there overall destructive power extends far beyond that of any canine. As someone who understands the body language of wolves and dogs quite well, it might be difficult for me to switch in my brain from thinking "wolf' to thinking "hyena". It's a completely different language and society, but a language and society, nonetheless.

Now, at risk of sounding crude, I never expected the show to be a sausage factory experience! I knew that males and females use there penis or pseudo penis respectively as social instruments, but I never knew it was to this extent. Now, I've watched hundreds of hours of nature videos in my near 29 years of existence and I've never seen this before to this extent. I thought for a moment that I was looking at footage from a frustrated stud farm! Maybe all previous hyena programs were highly edited to be "family" friendly so parents wouldn't have to explain things to there kids?

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