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Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:27 pm
by FrothingMagpies
Nah ferrets aren't mass produced here, it's all breeders who usually hunt with theirs so they come unneutered & with scent glands. Removing the scent glands is kinda unnecessary though, they'd still emit odour from their skin. & their poop stinks. They'll be happier in their huge playpen in our shed than cooped up in an apartment. At least mink go on proper walks on a leash with you so it can still get exercise. I know! They actually adapt fine to apartments, so it'll be fun to have a wild animal that's happy in an urban setting. It was so surreal meeting up with the French mink owners over the summer & we all just went onto the metro with all these wild animals ll curled up behaving perfectly while some lady 's annoying little dog yapped & was honestly a lot less trained than the mink were ... Like a wierd dream.

There was one person who found a mink kit in Yorkshire & was willing to give it to me if I could just make my way over but I didn't have the money to get the ferry & then had to find my way over to the other side of England... Before I could get the money she said it ran away but honestly I think it was too wild for her & she let it go. Another person has a pet one called "Jet" but he's not for sale.

That's so cool that your inspectors are a bit more sensible with the law! I get what they mean, it's a good sense of priorities, obviously a tiger is a lot more dangerous than say a fox. At least our mink keeping law is clearly outlined across the country, some of your exotic laws are crazy O_o like only being able to keep foxes of certain colours, & it being legal by the state but not the local town... The trouble some of you guys have to go through to get your pets is amazing, I really admire the dedication of the keepers on this forum.

My cousin says his friend works in a mink farm not too far from me, it's a small chance but he might sneak a kit out for me. I'm not relying on it though, apparently the guy is a bit wild, it might be months before he even sees my cousin again. You are 100% right though, animals get blamed for such stupid things based on stereotypes & old wives tales & urban legends. I doubt the mink get up to half of what they're accused of. Same with foxes. It's not like they strategically plan to wipe out all the farmers chickens, they're just an easy meal.

It's cute that you're so excited for your fox ^.^ I know it must feel like forever to wait for four months, so close yet so far xD are the blue eyes like a flat blue or like a husky's or what? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just really curious. I'm so envious with you guys having all these crazy coloured foxes! I adore pearls and fire and ice foxes. Imagine if there was a cross fox between those two, I think I'd die.

Woah! That's a lot for one fox! The way I like to see it though is if you weren't saving it for your fox (or whatever you save for in general) you'd just end up spending that money on smaller things that don't really matter. Wow, the creator of those colours? Thats very very interesting. He'll be great to talk to I imagine! I can't wait to see your pictures, you'll even be able to see the mum of your new kit :D

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:13 pm
by vulpis
Wow I honestly hope for you that your mink will be as nice, tame and friendly as the French minks you met last summer! Did people on the metro act weird when they saw the minks? It sure isn't something you'd see on a normal day, at least not here x) I think mink pets are illegal here, not sure tho, so I'll check it out. But I don't know anyone having one... then again, I only know 1 person who has foxes, yet they'll still legal.
Maybe there are more, but I haven't met them yet.

That mink kit the person found was like you said, too wild. Better not have taken it. Those fur farmers minks are at least used to human presence, while the wild ones are just plain wild.
Hehe, we're going through so much trouble trying to get our exotic pets! Hopefully one day all the Canadian provinces will legalize most non-absurd exotics. But in my opinion they shouldn't sell exotics in pet stores, not even snakes. Some buy them just because they 'look cool' but yet have no idea how to actually care for one, and the animal often gets released in the wild or in the city, ends up on the local newspapers and makes responsible exotic pet owners look awfully bad.

I really do hope that whatever happens you'll be able to get your mink kit this summer! I'll be very impatient to see pics of it! Have you thought of a name for it?

The blue eyes of these foxes are not as intense as the dark blue husky eyes, they're more like this ... summer.jpg . But like I said my champagne will either have blue or pink eyes, and the pink would look a bit like this or pinker ... mbnail.jpg . But I really think my champagne fox will have pale blue eyes with a little tint of pink, but very slight, almost unnoticeable like this ... o1_500.jpg

There is actually one fox looking pretty similar to a mix between the pearl and fire & ice! It's called the primary pearl fox (because there's another type of pearl cross, that's more blue and darker. Looks nothing like this one).

I can't wait to talk more to him about the foxes, and my future kit. He's a very nice, helpful man. And I don't think I'll see exactly my kit's parents, he has at least 40 champagne foxes ;)

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:34 pm
by FrothingMagpies
I hope so too! Yeah people kept looking & some took pictures but the girls told everyone that asked that they were ferrets because that's safer, you never know who's going to react badly "It should be in the wild!/Mink are dangerous!" :/ I'm sure you know what I mean, some people probably even react badly when you just talk about getting a pet fox >.< Despite the fact that half the dogs I know are chained up in backyards, aren't walked or played with half enough & were impulse buys. Then look at all the care & planning exotic owners put into their pets!

Yeah I agree, maybe it's for the best that I couldn't get that mink. This way it feels more like it's *my* mink you know? & I completely agree. I'm not even too happy with "normal" pets being I pet shops, I think breeders & rescues are a much better option. Wild/exotic animals need a lot of research & careful thinking about before buying. When people just buy them for image or whatever it just never ends well. When I went to the pet shop to buy my first ferret my neighbour who ended up coming in with me bought two ferrets for her kids without ever having said she wanted one before. Ugh it's so horrible, her kids just used to throe them around everywhere & when the novelty wore off the ferrets were locked up in their cage at the bottom of the garden, never held & her two dogs kept trying to kill them. Now one of them has run away & the other has to live in a cat carrier. It's so sad.

I usually only come up with a pet's name once I've got it so can see what suit it's personality :)

Those foxes are so beautiful! I think a darker one with those eyes will look even more striking. Some of those foxes look like they're in the wild, are there escaped champagnes scampering around the place? Or are they on that island I've read about once or twice with all the beautiful foxes living wild that escaped from an old fur farm?

& those foxes are beautiful, thank you for finding those pictures for me! Never heard of a primary pearl before, just pearls.

I'm glad to hear he's so helpful, fur farmers over here all seem to be creepy & mean. They were really reluctant to speak to me about mink. Well you'll get to see 40 potential parents then xP

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:29 pm
by TamanduaGirl
Those foxes posted are albinos so they could be wild.

Yes Albinos can have pale blue eyes instead of pink.

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:12 am
by Minkenry
vulpis wrote:I always thought you should get the baby earlier than 28 days to bond with it :O Shouldn't you get it at like 16 days or so? If the fur breeder accepts, of course.

I've personally taken baby mink at 28, 29, and 34 days old. I've also helped friends take baby mink at 28, 38, and 39 days old. In my opinion taking a baby mink at 28 days old is pushing your luck. If you want an extra young one get a 30 day old, but I still recommend waiting until they are at least 32 days old. I don't see any real advantage to taking a 28 day old baby, but I do see a posiblilty for some minor disadvantages as the baby is more fragile, and will have less of it's development on it's mother's milk. The way I see it there is little to no advantage to taking a 28 day old vs 32 day old mink, however there are some possible disadvantages to taking one at 28 days old. To me the decision is obvious.

However taking a baby mink at 16 days old is suicide for the little mink. Mink are not like foxes. They aren't born half developed and covered in fur. Mink are born one small step above a baby rat. They are naked, blind and helpless. Here's a picture showing mink development for the first 3 weeks..... ... 597&type=1

As you can see, a 16 day old mink is as good as dead, or doomed to suffer health problems and deformities if taken from his mom at such a young age. Even waiting a week and taking a 23 day old baby is suicidal, LET ALONE 16 days!!!

The best age to take a mink in my opinion is 32-34 days old. Any older and your more likely to run into bonding problems, and you are also more likely to stress the poor baby mink unnecessarily. Take one much younger than 32 days old and you are risking your babies health and safety. 28 days is definitely doable, and the mink will probably grow up healthy and strong if you are careful and know what you're doing. But like I said, I don't see any real advantage, however there is a small possibility of some disadvantages due to the more fragile state of a 28 day old mink. If you are insistent on getting a younger one, than 28 days is the VERY LIMIT. Take one younger and you are more than asking, you're BEGGING for trouble!

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:25 am
by Minkenry
FrothingMagpies wrote:Well here a mix of opinion, some people think you get a more stable mink if you wait until it's fully weaned & take it then, some prefer bottle raising.

Yeah if you call a baby that incessantly cries and bites and pisses all over you stable!!! The French, and anyone else who recommends taking a baby mink from it's mother right after it is weaned is not only a moron, they are a cruel and heartless moron. I made that mistake once, and only once! If you want a baby mink, then get one before, or just after it's eyes open (32-34 days old). If you think this is "cruel" then that's fine, wait until the mink is 4 months old and can bite your fingers off. At least at that age the mink won't miss his mom or siblings when you take it home, and he'll be old enough to handle the stress of the new environment. If you want to avoid cruelty THEN DON'T TAKE A JUST WEANED BABY MINK FROM IT'S MOTHER. It's about the meanest thing you can do. The baby freaks out, and cries and cries and refuses to eat, and bites you because your scary, and all kinds of crap. Man some people are so full of emotion that they forget to use their brain!!!!!

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:30 am
by Minkenry
vulpis wrote:I suggest to you that you don't let the mink spend too much time with the ferrets. Of course, it's great to socialize them together and everything, but if the mink spends too much time with the ferrets -even if those are domestic- it could turn wild and reject human contact. It's just a suggestion, as I've seen it happen to other people (not with minks, with other animals).

I agree 100%! I haven't "seen it" with mink ether, but I've heard of other people having the same problem you just described when they let their mink grow up with another animal (both ferrets and another mink). You want to socialize them, just make sure you are always #1 one in the mink's life.

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:59 am
by Minkenry
vulpis wrote:
That mink kit the person found was like you said, too wild. Better not have taken it. Those fur farmers minks are at least used to human presence, while the wild ones are just plain wild.

Actually, my experience was that ranch mink are harder to deal with than the one wild mink I tamed. I assume the reason being the wild ones have most likely never had a negative experience with a human. Think about it, most of the humans the average wild mink ever sees are fishermen. Humans that just sit quietly staring out into the water. Humans who might even be nice and throw you a small fish or two for amusement. The worst assault the average wild mink would be likely to receive is someone yelling at them to get away from their fish, or perhaps even having some object thrown at them to get them away. Fur farmed mink on the other hand may be used to humans, however every time they are touched it's a negative experience. When they are 6 weeks old they are picked up and taken to a scary new cage away from their mom. At 3 months or so they are picked up by their tail, and get a shot in the butt. Then again at 6 months old they are forcefully grabbed by their tails, and shoved in a little device that clamps down on their body preventing them from moving so their fur can be graded. Most ranch mink grow up learning to hate it every time that gloved hand reaches in their cage. Most wild mink have few if any negative experiences with humans, and they are almost never as traumatizing as the negative experiences a ranch mink goes through multiple times through out it's life.

The one truly wild mink I've handled, the only one where I was the first man to ever touch it, was surprisingly calm and trusting. She even climbed up in my lap to check me out. She had never been given a reason to fear man, and so she didn't. With all of the adult ranch mink I've handled, I had to gain their trust.

Here's a video of that wild mink the first day I worked with her.

Re: domesticated mink

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:39 pm
by FrothingMagpies
To be honest I have no idea of what age they meant by "older". For all I know they could have meant an adult, or possibly like you say a just weaned mink. Maybe someone tried it with an exceptionally calm mink & thought they were doing something better & didn't take the mink's individual personality into account. Either way, I'm trusting your judgement on this one, if the farm will sell me a kit that young that is.

& to be honest I'm not convinced the mink will even tolerate the ferrets, I think it would be more the exception than the rule if it did & I wouldn't leave them alone together anyway. Minky will spend a lot more time with me & my dog, I think the dog will be a bigger problem than the ferrets, she LOVES other animals, drags my rabbits into her bed & cuddles up to them while they just squat there grumpily (they couldn't be less intimidated), or insists on wrestling with my ferrets. I'll have a hard time keeping her away from the mink ^^'' But it makes sense that it would bond more with her given the chance so I'll try.