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with the holidays coming up, the return percentage is higher.

Silver Fox rehoming - Indiana

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Silver Fox rehoming - Indiana

Postby TamanduaGirl » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:09 pm

They want money though and that's not legal. If interested try offering a free home. Not sure where originally posted but reposted by ... ED&fref=nf

Well. Let me know if anyone wants Acqua. She's $300 and comes with literally everything in the world you could possibly need for her (Two brand new litter boxes, two brand new harnesses, run cables, new food and water dishes, extra large cage, new toys, a box of treats, smell spray, her stuffed animal, and she has flea drops, a flea collar and flea shampoo.) She has all her papers from when I got her, she has her first shots. No matter what I do everyone around here is going to be a fxxxx ass*** about her. So no matter how much she means to me, I have to sell her. She is the sweetest girl in the world....Spread the word and let me know


This is Acqua, she needs a new home and is a complete sweet heart. She comes with everything you need for her, extra large cage, two litter boxes if you want to train her to be inside, a run cable and attachments, box of treats, toys, a harness and two leashes, one chain and one fabric. I am moving and can't take her with..

-She is not fixed so she is breedable.
-she gets along with bigger dog breeds usually not cats or small dogs (she chases cats and is scared of dogs that bark at her)
-She is great around children (she does swipe snacks and toys though)
-She is not potty trained for inside
-She is food aggressive and she gets aggressive when trying to put a harness on her or bathe her. Otherwise she has never attacked or bitten anyone unless it was playful biting. She is very sweet and harmless.
-She loves to play and take walks
-She can eat Blue food and Pedigree canned food as well as any dog treat

Note: some states need a license for her breed, I do not require this to take her home but I can send you the link to the application.



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