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A few uses for wicker* baskets

Enclosure, cage, nest box, building and enrichment ideas for any species.

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A few uses for wicker* baskets

Postby minervasden » Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:32 pm

*Actual materials may vary. Untreated baskets can be found at craft stores. Specialty rabbit/bird/rodent supply stores also but usually at a premium price. Don't forget about unusually shaped baskets-cornucopias, ducks, sleighs, etc.

Place upright for a bed
Place on side for a den/nest/hide
Place upside down with an access hole for a den/nest/hide
Attach two baskets to make a hut
Place in aviary/bird cage for a nest
Don't forget about hanging or attaching above ground level

Hang to make a swing bed

Chew toy
Toss Toy
For scratching/shredding
Use a tray to make an activity board

To ‘plant’ a climbing branch in
A novel climbing/exploration object for smaller animals
Alternative vessel for a dig box

There are numerous foraging variations.
A couple examples:
Simply place a basket upside down over a treat.
Fill a basket with filler plus treats. Baskets with handles are all set to hang.
Attach basket to a rope and set up so that the animal needs to use rope to pull basket to it.
Use a picnic basket where the animal will need to lift the lid +/- filler

Take two identical or similar baskets, Make a hole in the center bottom of each. With the bottom basket upright, place the other upside down on top. Run a rope or chain through both baskets,with a knot under bottom basket. Animal needs to lift top basket to access.

Cut holes in two same/similar baskets (for treats to fall out) Connect baskets to make a treat roller
I didn't have 2 baskets even remotely the same size, but you get the general idea how they should go together
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