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Aquatic Enrichment

Enclosure, cage, nest box, building and enrichment ideas for any species.

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Aquatic Enrichment

Postby minervasden » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:23 am

Enrichment for aquatics and semi-aquatics such as fish, turtles, newts, frogs, aquatic inverts, In the case of split environments, looking specifically at enrichment for the aquatic portion.

The following are a few of the enrichments enjoyed by my slider turtles. Some of these will be applicable to other species as well.

Varied produce presentation
-free float on water surface
-attach to wall with a suction cup clip
-use of rocks/other to weight food on the bottom

Floating objects for manipulation
-be sure they are safe materials that the turtle cannot swallow or take a bite off
-Ping pong balls, cat balls. Get different colors.
-Rubber duckies, bathtub toys
-cuttlebone. Usually given as a calcium supplement, some turtles just like to play with them
-other appropriate miscellaneous items

Sinking items for manipulation
-same safety concerns as floating objects
-large pebbles, river rocks
-snail, other shells
-marbles, glass gems, acrylic shapes (sold for aquariums and decor)
-other appropriate miscellaneous items

Live aquatic and marginal plants
-Edible. Food Enrichment
-Provide cover/security
-Can be manipulated- uprooted, pushed around and generally destroyed
-Some plants can support a basking turtle

Broken Turtle Docks.
Zoo Med turtle docks where the suction cup ‘frame’ has broken. My turtles enjoy riding on a free floating dock. This also allows large females to use a turtle dock they could not use if it were attached

Underwater dig box
Messy. Do not use in main enclosure.

Laser pointer

Remote control cars, mice, etc. If the turtles can see them while underwater they (turtles) will swim after.

Air stones, bubble wands, waterfalls, mild currents to investigate.
When using , protect these items from turtle damage

What have you tried?
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Re: Aquatic Enrichment

Postby minervasden » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:49 pm

Octopus Enrichment

All items must be free of metal. Look for plastic toys.
Dog toys- Kongs and other toys
Mr. Potato Head, Legos, teething rings, plastic building blocks, rubber ducks and other baby/children’s toys. Especially toys with multiple moving parts the octopus can manipulate.

Painting if you can make a setup where the paint and paper or canvas are above water and the octopus can manipulate from underwater.

They seem to enjoy the sensations of being gently splashed, having water poured over them or a bubbler creating a bubble shower.

Clear enclosures. They like to see and watch what's going on around them.

Rocks to aquascape with.

Target training

Some foraging ideas.
Hamster balls
Jack-o-lantern for seasonal variety
Put the jar or treat puzzle in a tall vase or pitcher
The ‘classic’ putting food in a jar with a plastic screw lid. Or the jar within a jar variant.
Tupperware type containers.

Live food

Fishing lures. Scroll down to get to the fishing lures part. This is an older thread so price and brands may be different now. Remember to remove any hooks and metal bits.

Good Reading. Nice description of the steps taken when eating a live crab and the total time ( around 2 hours) as opposed to just getting a dead bit of something out of a jar. ... chment.pdf
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